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Reverse dependencies for progress_bar Latest version of the following gems require progress_bar

filestack 2.9.3

This is the official Ruby SDK for Filestack - API and content management system that ma...

637,475 下載


Description of EspAuth.

61,389 下載

esp-permissions 0.1.0

Description of EspPermissions.

48,395 下載

es_dump_restore 3.0.0

A utility for dumping the contents of an ElasticSearch index to a compressed file and r...

41,408 下載

XSpear 1.4.1

XSpear is XSS Scanner on ruby gems

27,062 下載

XSpear 1.4.1

XSpear is XSS Scanner on ruby gems

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nitos_testbed_rc 2.0.6

NITOS testbed resource controllers that support a. Chassis manager cards, b. frisbee cl...

24,056 下載

syntaxer 0.5.1

Syntax checker for ruby and other languages

20,177 下載

git-ready 0.9.8

git-ready gets you ready to work with an established team that already uses GitHub.

20,140 下載

ghuls 1.8.1

Getting GitHub repository language data by user! It also has a web alternative at http:...

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jakewendt-active_record_sunspotter 4.3.1


15,258 下載

svt-recorder 1.0.3

A program that helps you record videos from and

14,694 下載

wax_tasks 1.1.5

Rake tasks for minimal exhibition sites with Minicomp/Wax.

14,261 下載

tools 1.2.0

A set of tools to assist developer.

13,659 下載

fjords 1.1.2 CLI

13,427 下載

refinerycms-s3assets 0.2.1

copies s3 assets from production refinerycms app hosted on Heroku to local

12,913 下載

aifactory-commons 0.1.3 commons gem

7,337 下載

wax_iiif 0.2.0

Minimal IIIF level 0 generator for use with minicomp/wax

7,304 下載

yt_mp3 1.0.1

Quickly download video from YouTube to mp3. Sync the folder with playlists or favorites!

7,174 下載

screenshooter 0.0.3

A tool for generating BrowserStack screenshots from the command line.

5,662 下載

rdcms 1.0.28

This is the Basic Module of Rdcms. It Offers Devise, ActiveAdmin, an Article-Module, a ...

5,422 下載

speedpwn 0.0.3

Generates possible passwords for SpeedTouch/Thomson routers.

5,374 下載

pulse-downloader 0.1.30

Client to download datasets from webpages.

5,244 下載

somadic 0.0.4

Somadic is a terminal-based player for and

5,158 下載

census_shapes 0.2.1

Imports all the US Census Geographies into a PostGIS database.

5,149 下載

umbreo_cli 1.0.143

Umbreo Command Line Interface

5,082 下載

spree_sunspot 1.0.0

Use Sunspot as search engine in Spree applications

4,375 下載

pages_core 3.7.0

Pages Core

3,919 下載

phd 0.1.2

Phd is a tool to browse changes in disk space usage. It creates an sqlite3 index and cr...

3,805 下載

stash-query 0.1.3

Gem for querying Logstash and exporting the results.

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