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Reverse dependencies for pry-meta Latest version of the following gems require pry-meta

browser 5.3.1

Do some browser detection with Ruby.

43,996,443 下載

i18n-js 3.9.0

It's a small library to provide the Rails I18n translations on the Javascript.

15,241,147 下載

cpf_cnpj 0.5.0

Validate, generate and format CPF/CNPJ numbers. Include command-line tools.

1,506,116 下載

aitch 1.1.0

A simple HTTP client

319,392 下載

crawler_detect 1.2.0

CrawlerDetect is a library to detect bots/crawlers via the user agent

309,028 下載

validators 3.4.1

Add some nice ActiveModel/ActiveRecord validators.

229,970 下載

breadcrumbs 0.2.0

Breadcrumbs is a simple plugin that adds a `breadcrumbs` object to controllers and views.

183,134 下載

svg_optimizer 0.2.5

SVG optimization based on Node's SVGO

139,938 下載

email_data 1631752979.0.0

This project is a compilation of datasets related to emails. Includes disposable emails...

111,857 下載

ar-uuid 0.2.2

Override migration methods to support UUID columns without having to be explicit about it.

91,686 下載

simple_auth 3.1.3

A simple authentication system for Rails apps

65,569 下載

csr 0.1.1

Generate CSR (Certificate Signing Request) using Ruby and OpenSSL

56,040 下載

minitest-utils 0.4.6

Some utilities for your Minitest day-to-day usage.

47,949 下載

tokens 2.1.1

Generate named tokens on your ActiveRecord models.

47,687 下載

factory_girl-preload 2.3.1

Preload factories (Factory Girl) just like fixtures. It will be easy and, probably, fas...

44,574 下載

rails-env 1.0.8

Avoid environment detection on Rails

42,438 下載

burgundy 1.0.0

A simple wrapper for objects in less than 100 lines.

42,203 下載

sinatra-subdomain 0.4.0

Separate routes for subdomains on Sinatra

40,113 下載

kitabu 2.1.0

A framework for creating e-books from Markdown using Ruby. Using the Prince PDF generat...

37,486 下載

paginate 4.0.1

Paginate collections using SIZE+1 to determine if there is a next page. Includes Active...

37,171 下載

i18n-js-pika 3.0.0.rc9

Forked version of original i18n-js. It contains some pull requests that are not pulled ...

35,746 下載

page_meta 0.2.0

Easily define <meta> and <link> tags. I18n support for descriptions, keywor...

33,747 下載

omniauth-atlassian-bitbucket 0.1.0

OmniAuth strategy for Bitbucket (

33,330 下載

simple_presenter 0.2.3

A simple presenter/facade/decorator/whatever implementation.

29,655 下載

upholsterer 1.4.1

A simple serializer implementation.

25,984 下載

env_vars 2.0.0

Access environment variables. Also includes presence validation, type coercion and defa...

24,118 下載

redis-settings 0.2.3

Store application and user settings on Redis. Comes with ActiveRecord support.

22,886 下載

parsel 1.0.0

Encrypt and decrypt data with a given key.

22,368 下載

ar-sequence 0.2.0

Add support for PostgreSQL's SEQUENCE on ActiveRecord migrations

20,593 下載

active_record-humanized_enum 0.1.2

Easily translate your ActiveRecord's enums.

19,577 下載

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