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Reverse dependencies for pry-meta Latest version of the following gems require pry-meta

active_record-humanized_enum 0.1.2

Easily translate your ActiveRecord's enums.

20,951 下載

storage 0.3.3

This gem provides a simple API for multiple storage backends. Supported storages: Amazo...

17,931 下載

signal 1.2.0

A simple observer implementation for POROs (Plain Old Ruby Object) and ActiveRecord obj...

17,415 下載

entity_rb 0.1.2

An Entity implementation in ruby to store all business logic from the (so called) model.

16,546 下載

active_admin-humanized_enum 0.1.1

Easily translate ActiveRecord's enums in your ActiveAdmin.

16,466 下載

ar-check 0.2.2

Enable PostgreSQL's CHECK constraints on ActiveRecord migrations

15,753 下載

firebird_adapter 6.0.0

ActiveRecord Firebird Adapter for Rails 6.

15,444 下載

attr_keyring 0.6.0

Simple encryption-at-rest plugin for ActiveRecord.

12,304 下載

formtastic-jquery_inputmask 0.2.2

Easily add jquery inputmask to your Formtastic.

12,121 下載

ipiranga 0.0.6

A simple Ipiranga Web Services Client

11,635 下載

babel-schmooze-sprockets 0.1.3

Add Babel support to sprockets using Schmooze.

11,618 下載

factory_bot-preload 0.3.0

Preload factories (Factory Bot) just like fixtures. It will be easier and, probably, fa...

11,372 下載

environments 0.0.1

A simple gem which gives you a lot of tools to check and set the current environment of...

11,051 下載

boppers 0.0.10

A simple bot framework for individuals.

10,888 下載

event_bus_rb 2.1.0

Tool to produce and consume events to a distributed and async architecture

10,815 下載

actionmailer-markdown 0.4.1

A different take on using ActionMailer, Markdown and I18n.

10,109 下載

root_domain 0.1.2

Extract root domain from hosts (e.g. www.example will be extracted as It ...

10,038 下載

test_squad 0.1.3

Rails and JavaScript testing, the easy way. Supports QUnit, Jasmine, Mocha and Ember.

10,034 下載

active_admin-jquery_inputmask 0.1.1

Easily add jquery inputmask to your ActiveAdmin.

9,347 下載

active_admin-cep_auto_complete 0.2.5

Auto complete your addresses fields with Brazilian CEP (zip code).

8,599 下載

citrix 0.2.2

API wrappers for Citrix services like GoToTraining.

8,555 下載

yabbie 0.0.6


8,436 下載

svg_sprite 1.0.0

Create SVG sprites using data URIs.

8,028 下載

access_token 0.1.2

Access token for client-side and API authentication.

7,581 下載

permalinker 1.0.3

Generate permalink attributes on ActiveRecord, based on Permalink gem by Nando Vieira

7,555 下載

ar_firebird_adapter 1.0.6

ActiveRecord Firebird Adapter for Rails 5 and 6.

7,435 下載

email_typo 0.2.3

Suggest fixes to a misspelled email address, like john@gmail.cmo.

7,178 下載

ar-timestamptz 0.2.0

Make ActiveRecord's PostgreSQL adapter use timestamptz as datetime columns

7,088 下載

encrypt_attr 0.3.0

Encrypt attributes using AES-256-CBC (or your custom encryption strategy). Works with a...

6,559 下載

date_interval 0.0.3

Parse date intervals from strings

6,550 下載

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