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Dependencias inversas para pry-stack_explorer

express_admin 1.8.1

ExpressAdmin is the admin menu framework used by, ExpressBlog, etc.

68.385 Descargas

lspace 0.14

Provides the convenience of global variables, without the safety concerns.

66.974 Descargas

pry-plus 1.0.0

pry-doc + pry-docmore + pry-debugger + pry-stack_explorer + pry-rescue + bond + jist

66.755 Descargas

inbox 2.0.1

Gem for interacting with the Nylas API.

65.166 Descargas

xcake 0.9.2

Cakefile — A Podfile for your main project. 🍰Describe Xcode projects in a human readabl...

63.931 Descargas

right_chimp 2.4

The Chimp is a tool for managing servers using the RightScale platform.

53.938 Descargas

front_end_builds 1.0.2

Rails engine to manage front end builds and deployments

53.030 Descargas

deep_dive 0.3.7

When you have a system of objects that have many references to each other, it becomes a...

48.273 Descargas

music-transcription 0.21.0

The goal of music-transcription is the abstract representation of standard musical fea...

43.837 Descargas

boss_queue 0.5.4

A fault tolerant job queue built around Amazon SQS & DynamoDB

43.672 Descargas

fuel 0.4.10

Fuel's goal is to be a simple yet customizable blogging gem.

42.851 Descargas

jazz_hands2 1.0.2

Spending hours in the rails console? Spruce it up and show off those hard-working hands...

42.811 Descargas

datamappify 0.60.0

Compose, decouple and manage domain logic and data persistence separately. Works partic...

40.963 Descargas

coaster 1.0.2

Ruby Core Extensions

39.745 Descargas

insano_image_resizer 0.8.1

An image resizing gem that generates smaller versions of requested ...

39.526 Descargas

activerecord-bixformer 0.4.19

a framework for xross transformer between ActiveRecord and other format.

38.484 Descargas

hero 0.2.0

A simplified state machine.

36.672 Descargas

graphql-pundit 0.7.1

Pundit authorization support for graphql

34.618 Descargas

pry-plus-byebug 1.0.2

pry-doc + pry-docmore + pry-byebug + pry-stack_explorer + pry-rescue + bond + jist

33.058 Descargas

macaroons 1.0.0

Macaroons library in Ruby

31.743 Descargas


【react&rails】notee is creating CMS(blog) gem by only one command.

30.144 Descargas

ansible-powerplay 1.4.7

Ansible Powerplay, by way of its DSL, allows you to specify your...

29.164 Descargas

ellington 0.3.0

An opinionated framework for modeling complex business processes.

28.667 Descargas

nrser 0.3.12

basic ruby utils i use in a lot of stuff.

28.371 Descargas

ikazuchi 1.2.1

meta-package of useful gems for rails development

27.391 Descargas

databound 3.1.3

It lets you use methods like create, update, destroy in the Javascript while handling a...

27.047 Descargas

acts_as_approvable 0.7.0

Generic approval queues for record creation, updates and deletion

25.993 Descargas

kitchen-dsc 0.11.0

== DESCRIPTION: DSC Provisioner for Test Kitchen == FEATURES: TBD

25.208 Descargas

apidiesel 0.15

Build API clients through an expressive DSL

21.987 Descargas

vpnmaker 1.0.11

haml templates and key tracking

21.534 Descargas

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