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radiant 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require radiant

radiant-shop-extension 0.94.8

Radiant Shop is an attempt at a simple but complete store. It includes Products, Catego...

98,120 下载

radiant-copy_move-extension 2.4.9

With this extension you can copy or move a page with or without its children.

41,875 下载

radiant-layouts-extension 1.1.3

Extends Radiant Layouts to support nesting, sharing with Rails Controllers and renderin...

28,759 下载

radiant-images-extension 0.6.1

Image Radiant Extension management tool, meant only to be useful to pages and extension...

28,462 下载

radiant-globalize2-extension 0.3.2

This extension allows you to translate your Radiant content

27,546 下载

radiant-reader_group-extension 1.2.4

Adds group-based page access control to radiant.

26,454 下载

radiant-concurrent_draft-extension 1.0.11

Enables draft versions of pages, snippets and layouts, which can be scheduled for promo...

25,955 下载

radiant-drag_order-extension 0.5.0

Radiant DragOrder allows you to reorder pages funly

25,728 下载

radiant-users-extension 2.1.3

Makes Radiant better by adding users!

22,896 下载

radiant-templates-extension 1.0.8

Imposes structure on pages via content templates.

20,256 下载

radiant-group_forum-extension 0.6.1

A bit of glue to add group-based access control to the radiant forum.

14,676 下载

radiant-page_list_view-extension 1.0.3

Enables viewing site pages in a list sortable by attibute.

13,311 下载

radiant-library-extension 2.1.1

Combines paperclipped and taggable to create a general purpose faceted library

12,792 下载

radiant-sitemap_search-extension 1.0.4

Adds search feature for pages, snippets, layouts, et al.

11,752 下载

radiant-vhost-extension 2.3.1

Host more than one site in a single instance of Radiant.

10,886 下载

radiant-backend_archive_view-extension 1.0.3

Helps organize ArchivePages with many children.

10,003 下载

radiant-tools-extension 0.3.2

Various tools (method, tags) for Radiant projects

9,534 下载

radiant-cache_by_page-extension 1.0.3

Enables per page admin option of setting caching to a non-default value, or turning it ...

9,316 下载

radiant-group_children-extension 0.3.0

Adds the ability to iterate over a page's children per n items.

9,101 下载

radiant-banner_rotator-extension 1.0.3

Allows addition and independent management of rotating banners on pages.

8,655 下载

radiant-page_factory-extension 1.0.1

Page Factory is a small DSL for intelligently defining content types in Radiant CMS.

6,002 下载

radiant-rbac_base-extension 1.3.1

Flexible user role management for Radiant.

5,922 下载

radiant-go 0.1.6

a quick an easy way to create radiant projects that are ready to use straight away, aut...

5,766 下载

radiant-page_group_permissions-extension 1.0.1

Enables you to organize users into groups and apply group-based edit permissions to the...

5,011 下载

radiant-language_redirect-extension 1.0.1

Redirects to the appropriate language section based on the content encoding preferred b...

4,493 下载

radiant-feefo-extension 0.0.3

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

3,391 下载

radiant-paperclipped-extension 0.8.1

Assets extension based on the lightweight Paperclip plugin.

3,121 下载

radiant-page_preview-extension 0.1.1

Enables previewing pages from the edit screen

3,099 下载

radiant-turkish_language_pack-extension 1.0.3

Radiant CMS Turkish Language Pack Extension

3,047 下载

radiant-location-extension 1.2.1

Location is a Radiant Extension that will allow you to create relatively robust list of...

2,994 下载

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