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Dependencias inversas para rb-fchange Latest version of the following gems require rb-fchange


A simple, Git-powered wiki with a sweet API and local frontend.

10.873.140 Descargas

keen 1.1.1

Send events and build analytics features into your Ruby applications.

1.356.173 Descargas

memfs 1.0.0

MemFs provides a fake file system that can be used for tests. Strongly inspired by FakeFS.

149.164 Descargas

bixby-common 0.7.1

Bixby Common files/libs

96.031 Descargas

tache 0.4.1

Full Mustache implementation plus 'safe views'.

51.555 Descargas

paper_house 0.6.2

Rake tasks for compiling C projects.

42.574 Descargas

bixby-client 0.5.3

Bixby Client

42.415 Descargas

rgentpl 1.2.6

Ruby Skeleton Generator based in templates

38.502 Descargas

queuel 0.4.8

Light Queue wrapper tool

33.154 Descargas

mustdown 2.0.0

Rails helpers to use Markdown and Mustache all together

28.568 Descargas

credly 0.0.9

ruby client for the Credly API

26.385 Descargas

audit_record 0.1.5

A simple gem built for Rails 3+ which creates an audit when events that you configure o...

24.588 Descargas

thebigdb 1.4.1

TheBigDB a simply structured open database of real life facts. See ...

22.675 Descargas

wrap_excel 0.1.0

WrapExcel is to wrap the win32ole, and easy to use Excel operations with ruby. Detailed...

19.280 Descargas

curb_threadpool 0.6.1

A multi-threaded worker pool for Curb

16.522 Descargas

akiva 0.1.1

Akiva is a simple natural language processing, question-answering artificial intelligen...

11.052 Descargas

oembed_provider_engine 0.2.0

Oembed Provider Rails 3 Engine

10.408 Descargas

rack-highlighter 0.2.1

Rack Middleware for syntax highlighting.

10.364 Descargas

suppository 0.1.1

A utility for creating and managing simple apt repositories.

9.722 Descargas

sears-api 0.3.0

just your basic wrapper'

9.272 Descargas

simple_site 0.0.3

Helps build simple websites using haml and sass. Compresses your js. Deploys to AWS S3.

9.250 Descargas

bixby-agent 0.3.2

Bixby Agent

8.402 Descargas

rise 0.0.3

Handle file uploads with mutiple storage backends.

8.080 Descargas

comode 0.0.2

An attempt to create DSL for 3D modeling in Ruby (still unusable, please check here for...

6.633 Descargas

develry 0.0.3

A metagem for ROM-style development

6.476 Descargas

rufus-runner 0.1.1

Wrapper process around rufus-scheduler

6.470 Descargas

bixby-auth 0.1.1

Bixby API Auth library for both clients and servers

6.240 Descargas

stow 0.0.2

A common interface to local filesystem, database (such as GridFS) and cloud based storage.

5.802 Descargas

logger_ware 0.0.2

Rails middleware to log requests. Support for parameters and environment filtering. Sto...

5.790 Descargas

service-status 1.0.1

When monitoring REST servers it is useful to have a standard /status page. This gem pro...

5.309 Descargas

Total de descargas 2.711.421

Para esta versión 2.141.613

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