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rbt 0.1.407

PLEASE NOTE - this project heavily depends on the Cookbooks project (a gem). Although some functionality of RBT can be used without the Cookbooks project, I recommend you to always install the Cookbooks project too; synergy and what not. Do also note that this project may do some changes, when installing something, which may be unwanted. For the time being, this will remain this way, so I do not recommend anyone to use this project - but eventually, there will be an option called --simulate, which will sort of simulate, without installing or changing anything persistently. This gem is called RBT, which stands short for "Ruby Build Tools" - or downcased, if you want to, rbt, the "ruby build tools". This collection of files allows you to compile or otherwise install programs from source or binary, from a remote or from a local location. It is currently in testing stage, somewhat "semi-complete". Which actually means that it is not yet complete at all. Please be wary when using it, as there may be - you may have guessed so - bugs. Unwanted things, like aliens suddenly showing up on your screen. Or something like that. The project makes certain assumptions. The latest feature addition was that we can now give an URL to rbt and it attempts to download it, and register it in a .yml file unless found. In the past, I described changes between some of the major versions. As this is quite tedious and cumbersome to do, and also does not yield a lot of relevant information to the end user, I will just describe some of the major changes. Colour support should now work in the sense that a user can fully disable coloured output. It is also possible to ensure that all entries in a cookbook file are to be valid, else RBT will refuse to compile it in the first place. The documentation has been improved as well. The RBT project now has a base subclass, residing in base/base.rb. Path issues were resolved, thus RBT should be working on your system right after install-time. If you have specific suggestions to make this gem more useful for others, please drop me an email at: Thank you.


  1. 0.3.77 - July 15, 2018 (374 KB)
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  6. 0.1.407 - December 02, 2017 (324 KB)
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