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Dépendances inversées pour red-arrow Latest version of the following gems require red-arrow

groonga-command 1.4.9

Groonga-command is a library that represents [Groonga]('s command. ...

238 812 Téléchargements

red-parquet 1.0.0

Apache Parquet is a columnar storage format.

67 681 Téléchargements

red-gandiva 1.0.0

Gandiva is a toolset for compiling and evaluating expressions on Arrow data.

4 224 Téléchargements

red-plasma 1.0.0

Plasma is an in-memory object store and cache for big data.

4 208 Téléchargements

red-arrow-cuda 1.0.0

Apache Arrow CUDA is a common in-memory columnar data store on CUDA. It's useful to sha...

4 128 Téléchargements

red-arrow-numo-narray 0.0.5

Red Arrow Numo::NArray adds `Arrow::Tensor#to_narray` and `#to_arrow` to `Numo::NArray`...

3 130 Téléchargements

red-arrow-pycall 0.0.5

Red Arrow PyCall adds `#to_python` method to most Ruby objects for Apache Arrow such as...

1 973 Téléchargements

red-arrow-nmatrix 0.0.3

Red Arrow NMatrix adds `Arrow::Tensor#to_nmatrix` for Apache Arrow to NMatrix conversio...

1 837 Téléchargements

fluent-plugin-arrow 0.0.4

Apache Arrow formatter plugin for fluentd.

1 583 Téléchargements

red-arrow-gpu 0.11.0

Apache Arrow GPU is a common in-memory columnar data store on GPU. It's useful to share...

1 307 Téléchargements

red-arrow-gsl 0.0.2

Red Arrow GSL adds `Arrow::*Array#to_gsl`/`Arrow::Tensor#to_gsl` for Apache Arrow to GS...

1 299 Téléchargements

red-datasets-arrow 0.0.2

Red Datasets Arrow adds `#to_arrow` method to each dataset in Red Datasets. You can get...

1 092 Téléchargements

red-arrow-activerecord 0.1.1

A library that provides conversion method between Apache Arrow and ActiveRecord

907 Téléchargements

red-arrow-gdk-pixbuf 1.0.0

Red Arrow GDK Pixbuf adds `Arrow::Tensor#to_pixbuf` and `GdkPixbuf::Pixbuf#to_arrow`. `...

577 Téléchargements

red-arrow-dataset 1.0.0

Apache Arrow Dataset is one of Apache Arrow components to read and write semantic datas...

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