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Dependencias inversas para reform 2.2.4

reform-rails 0.1.7

Automatically load and include all common Reform features for a standard Rails environm...

1.555.475 Descargas

trailblazer-macro-contract 2.1.0

Trailblazer operation form object specific macros

252.857 Descargas

pact_broker 2.52.1

A server that stores and returns pact files generated by the pact gem. It enables head/...

125.136 Descargas

tramway-core 1.17.6

Core for all Tramway Rails Engines

59.970 Descargas

valkyrie 2.1.1

An ORM using the Data Mapper pattern, specifically built to solve Digital Repository us...

30.168 Descargas

shrine-reform 0.1.4

Provides Reform integration for Shrine.

20.644 Descargas

activeadmin-reform 1.1.0

Provides ability to use form object in your ActiveAdmin application

20.130 Descargas

pragma-contract 2.1.1

Form objects on steroids for your HTTP API.

19.646 Descargas

super_tools 0.0.14

Rails 開發環境常用工具 Forms/Process/Spreadsheet

6.257 Descargas

tyrant 0.0.3

Agnostic authorization component for Trailblazer.

6.144 Descargas

morpho 1.2.1

Skeleton rails engine for modular development.

5.785 Descargas

corvette 0.0.5

Some kind of new rails architecture solution

5.705 Descargas

usine 1.3.0

Usine (french word for factory) is a wrapper around factory_girl for Trailblazer’s oper...

4.728 Descargas

railsblocks-common 5.1.0

Description of Block::Common.

3.125 Descargas

deadlift 0.0.2

Deadlift is a powerful gem that shrinkens your fat code

2.387 Descargas

reform_errors_objects 0.1.3

extends errors class with :objects method

2.270 Descargas

simple_factory 0.1.0

A simple test data generator.

1.987 Descargas

reativo 0.1.5

Make Rails more reactive

1.476 Descargas

teneo-data_model 0.2.0

This gem bundles the low-level data model and its logic for re-use in different parts o...

1.264 Descargas

base_resource 0.1.6

Controller base Resource.

469 Descargas

Total de descargas 2.594.808

Para esta versión 1.336.053

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