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Dependencias inversas para retryable Latest version of the following gems require retryable

ridley 5.1.1

A reliable Chef API client with a clean syntax

7.815.083 Descargas

berkshelf 8.0.2

Manages a Chef cookbook's dependencies

6.374.442 Descargas

auth0 5.9.0

Ruby toolkit for Auth0 API

2.005.689 Descargas

kitchen-ec2 3.13.0

A Test Kitchen Driver for Amazon EC2

1.652.039 Descargas

puppet_litmus 0.34.1

Providing a simple command line tool for puppet content creators, to enable simple and ...

985.780 Descargas

souls 4.0.3

Ruby Serverless Framework 'SOULs' | Ruby サーバーレスフレームワーク SOULs. Powered by Ruby GraphQL...

617.693 Descargas

kumogata 0.5.12

A tool for AWS CloudFormation. It can define a template in Ruby DSL.

246.869 Descargas

expeditor 0.7.1

Expeditor provides asynchronous execution and fault tolerance for microservices

242.915 Descargas

chef-provisioning-aws 3.0.7

Provisioner for creating aws containers in Chef Provisioning.

242.856 Descargas

t 3.1.0

A command-line power tool for Twitter.

241.831 Descargas

elastic_whenever 0.7.0

Manage ECS Scheduled Tasks like Whenever

235.779 Descargas

rspec-hive 0.6.2

RSpecHive let you test your hive queries connecting to hive ins...

179.516 Descargas

soapy_cake 2.3.1

Simple client for the CAKE API (

169.468 Descargas

kitchen_hooks 2.1.1

GitLab WebHoook for automated Chef Server uploads.

125.688 Descargas

chef-provisioning-fog 0.26.3

Driver for creating Fog instances in Chef Provisioning.

114.424 Descargas

kafkat 0.3.0

Simplified command-line administration for Kafka brokers

113.968 Descargas

builderator 2.1.1

Builderator automates many of the common steps required to build VMs and images with Ch...

96.365 Descargas

business_flow 0.18.0

General purpose management of service object flows

57.862 Descargas

omnibot 0.0.22

Works with AMQP for sending messages at server side.Sends notifications to an user via ...

56.160 Descargas

boucher 0.3.1

AWS system deployment and management

51.675 Descargas

bellbro 0.3.1

Helps with sidekiq.

48.639 Descargas

niftp 3.0.0

NiFTP makes Ruby's decidedly un-nifty Net::FTP library easier to use.

44.330 Descargas

grumlin 0.23.0

Gremlin graph traversal language DSL and client for Ruby. Suitable and tested with grem...

43.965 Descargas

aws_pocketknife 0.1.28

Have you ever find yourself going through the aws cli documentation page over and over ...

35.233 Descargas

kuroko2 0.5.2

Kuroko2 is a web-based job scheduler/workflow manager created at Cookpad Inc.

31.553 Descargas

html2pdf-rails 0.4.0

PDF generator (from HTML) gem for Ruby on Rails

29.413 Descargas

pero 0.5.3

tool for puppet apply from our desktop.

25.015 Descargas

soapy_bing 1.0.1

Simple client for the Bing Ads APIs (

24.033 Descargas

transcriptic 0.2.10

Client library and command-line tool to work with Transcriptic Platform.

23.932 Descargas

kitchen-linode 0.15.0

A Test Kitchen Driver for Linode

23.374 Descargas

Total de descargas 18.850.376

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