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Dependencias inversas para rspec-collection_matchers 1.2.0

puppet-lint-strict_indent-check 2.0.7

Extends puppet-lint to ensure that your manifests follow a strict indentation pattern.

340.880 Descargas

activerecord-explain-analyze 0.1.0

Extends ActiveRecord#explain with support for EXPLAIN ANALYZE and output formats of JSO...

333.574 Descargas

puppet-lint-alias-check 0.1.1

A puppet-lint plugin to check for the alias parameter in resources.

290.495 Descargas

puppet-lint-appends-check 0.1.0

A puppet-lint plugin to check that the appends operator (+=) is not used (removed in Pu...

282.321 Descargas

rapporteur 3.6.4

An engine that provides common status polling endpoint.

275.343 Descargas

puppet-lint-file_source_rights-check 0.1.1

A puppet-lint plugin to check file rights when providing a source.

254.815 Descargas

ci_reporter_test_unit 1.0.1

Connects CI::Reporter to Test::Unit

207.604 Descargas

puppet-lint-no_symbolic_file_modes-check 1.0.2

Extends puppet-lint to ensure all file resource modes are defined as octal values a...

191.092 Descargas

wongi-engine 0.3.4

A rule engine.

188.157 Descargas

s3_uploader 0.2.3

S3 multithreaded directory uploader

177.704 Descargas

puppet-lint-package_ensure-check 0.2.0

A puppet-lint plugin to check the ensure attribute on package resources.

158.767 Descargas

puppet-lint-duplicate_class_parameters-check 1.0.5

A puppet-lint extension that ensures class parameter names are unique.

152.909 Descargas

blacklight-gallery 1.0.0

Gallery display for Blacklight

146.573 Descargas

puppet-lint-top_scope_facts-check 1.0.1

A puppet-lint plugin to check you are not using top scope fact variables like $::oper...

146.481 Descargas

puppet-lint-no_file_path_attribute-check 0.1.1

Extends puppet-lint to ensure file resources do not have a path attribute.

129.277 Descargas

puppet-lint-legacy_facts-check 1.0.2

A pupet-lint to check you are not using legacy facts like `$::operatingsystem` or `$f...

125.321 Descargas

rectify 0.13.0

Build Rails apps in a more maintainable way

123.965 Descargas

puppet-lint-roles_and_profiles-check 0.1.1

A puppet-lint plugin to check that: - a node definition declares only a role, -...

123.728 Descargas

mas-rad_core 0.1.5

Models and logic for the RAD family of products.

121.602 Descargas

valcro 0.1.1

Valcro is a validation library for arbitrary ruby objects. I's primary goal is to remai...

114.010 Descargas

puppet-lint-world_writable_files-check 0.0.2

A puppet-lint extension that ensures file resources do not have a mode that makes t...

109.020 Descargas

asin 2.1.0

Amazon Simple INterface - Support for ItemLookup, SimilarityLookup, Search, BrowseNode ...

108.318 Descargas

puppet-lint-template_file_extension-check 0.1.2

Extends puppet-lint to ensure all filenames used in template and epp functions end ...

102.576 Descargas

blogit 1.1.2

Add a blog to your Rails application in minutes with this mountable Rails Engine

97.706 Descargas

basecrm 1.3.6

BaseCRM Official API V2 library client for ruby

94.992 Descargas

attributor 5.2.1

A powerful attribute and type management library for Ruby

90.225 Descargas

abiquo-chef-agent 2.0.11

Abiquo Chef Agent

89.877 Descargas

puppet-lint-fileserver-check 1.2.1

A puppet-lint plugin to check if puppet:/// is used instead of file().

88.372 Descargas

element_factory 0.1.4

Element Factory is a more object oriented approach to generating markup.

86.590 Descargas

hal-client 5.0.0

An easy to use interface for REST APIs that use HAL.

86.578 Descargas

Total de descargas 10.920.864

Para esta versión 87.365

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