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Dépendances inversées pour rspec-fire 1.3.0

cane 3.0.0

Fails your build if code quality thresholds are not met

1 862 924 Téléchargements

cyoi 0.11.3

A library to ask an end-user to choose an infrastructure (AWS, OpenStack, etc), region,...

47 331 Téléchargements

bosh-cloudfoundry 0.7.6

Create & manage Cloud Foundry deployments

42 760 Téléchargements

duple 0.0.4

Duple simplifies moving and processing data snapshots between development, testing ...

8 636 Téléchargements

document_generator 0.0.6

Generate documentation from a git repository.

8 172 Téléchargements

bosh-verifyconnections 1.0.3

Performs job interconnection verifications upon the target BOSH deployment manifest file.

5 582 Téléchargements

sugarcane 0.0.3

Cane with a menu that opens a text editor for each issue

4 086 Téléchargements

plines 0.5.1

Plines sits on top of Qless and makes it easy to define and run a pipeline of jobs.

3 700 Téléchargements

ohboshwillitfit 1.1.0

Lives have been wasted waiting for a BOSH deployment to run only to find that you don...

3 088 Téléchargements

gmailish 0.0.1

Grabs unread emails for Gmail, marks them as read, applies a given label and archives t...

2 316 Téléchargements

rspec-fire-roles 0.1

Mock roles, not objects. For use with rspec-fire.

2 183 Téléchargements

matrix_formatter 0.0.1

RSpec formatter that produces a feature matrix.

1 945 Téléchargements

bosh_cli_plugin_consul 0.1.0

BOSH CLI plugin for access, visibility and status of deployments using Consul

1 789 Téléchargements

askari 0.94.6.v0.0.1

Askari is a framework for authoring and deploying HBase coprocessors in jruby.

990 Téléchargements

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