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ruby-openid 的反向依赖 2.9.2

googleapps-auth 0.1.0

Use Google Apps as an Authentication Provider

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openid_auth 1.0.2

Simple way to add openid to rails apps.

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merb_openid 0.0.4

A Merb plugin for consuming OpenID

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hobo_openid 0.4.2

Adds ability to login with OpenID to Hobo-based applications. See README to start using...

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openid_dm_store 0.2.0

Adds a DataMapper store to ruby-openid

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live_contacts 0.0.6

FIX (describe your package)

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ruby-mojeid 0.2.2

This gem extend ruby-openid gem

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ruby-mojeid 0.2.2

This gem extend ruby-openid gem

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openid_couch_rest_model_store 1.0.2

A CouchRestModel store for OpenID, forked from a very similar ActiveRecord store writte...

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chorn-warden-googleapps 0.2.1

Warden / Devise strategies to use Google's Federated OpenID with Google Apps

6,335 下载

openid-store-mongoid 0.1.3

Use a Mongoid database to store OpenID consumer data.

6,257 下载

vinted-openid_active_record_store 1.2.0

An ActiveRecord store for OpenID, forked to add newer Rails support

6,139 下载

mojeid 0.1.7

Gem with common functionality for authentication using MojeID provider. Uses ruby-openi...

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openid_ar_store 0.0.5

OpenID ActiveRecord Store.

6,039 下载

giraffesoft-chef 0.7.16

A systems integration framework, built to bring the benefits of configuration managemen...

6,001 下载

passport 0.1.1

Ruby Oauth and OpenID library that abstracts away all the complexities of connecting to...

5,496 下载

pasaporte 0.0.3

An OpenID server with a colored bar on top

5,390 下载


rack middleware providing session based authentication

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jspooner-authlogic-connect 0.0.20

Oauth and OpenID made dead simple

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openid_store_mongoid 0.0.2

Why does a squirrel swim on its back? To keep its nuts dry

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openid-store-sequel 0.0.2

Storing your OpenIDs in your Sequels.

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spree_omni 1.0.1

Add gem summary here

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passage 0.3.0

A simple, tweakable OpenID provider for private use.

4,623 下载

danwrong-merb_openid 0.0.4

A Merb plugin for consuming OpenID

4,481 下载

rad_users 0.0.2

User Management for RadKit Framework

4,466 下载

rack_my_openid 0.0.2

Would be useful to enable OpenID authorisation with your Ruby/Rails-based blog, persona...

4,342 下载

roman-rots 0.2.1

Ruby OpenID Test Server (ROST) provides a basic OpenID server made in top of the Rack g...

3,984 下载

anideo-authlogic-connect 0.0.6

Oauth and OpenID made dead simple, added custom token settings for Facebook

3,976 下载

openid_login_generator 0.1

Generates Rails code implementing an OpenID based login system for your Rails app. Base...

3,900 下载

wiki 0.1.0

Wiki is a single-page application for browsing and editing content distributed througho...

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