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Dependencias inversas para ruby-stemmer Latest version of the following gems require ruby-stemmer

linguistics 2.1.0

Linguistics is a framework for building linguistic utilities for Ruby objects in any la...

553.871 Descargas

noodall-core 0.8.2

Core data objects for Noodall

101.788 Descargas

sad_panda 1.1.0

sad_panda is a gem featuring tools for sentiment analysis of natural language: positivi...

48.462 Descargas

workarea-core 3.5.26

Provides application code, seed data, plugin infrastructure, and other core parts of th...

46.962 Descargas

kit_cms 2.3.22

Kit is DSC's Community and Content Management System (CCMS) built as a Rails engine for...

27.730 Descargas

turkish_stemmer 0.1.12

A simple Turkish stemmer

19.790 Descargas

luisparravicini-classifier 1.4.2

Bayesian classifier and others.

19.097 Descargas

chomchom 0.5.2

chomchom extracts article's title, published_date, author, and fulltext. It also detect...

14.480 Descargas

tagelizer 0.1.4

converts text to an array of words. Uses stemming and spellchecker to produce better re...

10.806 Descargas

text-analysis-utils 0.7.1

Utilities to help language learners acquire vocabulary

10.363 Descargas

classifier_atsukamoto 0.0.5

Classifier with redis

9.892 Descargas

autosuggest 0.1.1

Generate autocomplete suggestions based on what your users search

9.496 Descargas

diviner 0.2.1

It matches from a list of categories the right category to a Product.

7.511 Descargas

yury-classifier 1.3.5

A general classifier module to allow Bayesian and other types of classifications.

7.125 Descargas

mongoid_search2 0.3.0

Simple full text search implementation.

6.604 Descargas

noctivityinc-classifier191 1.3.6

A general classifier module to allow Bayesian and other types of classifications that w...

5.818 Descargas

svm_helper 0.2.1

Shared helper classes for usage in context of SVM at experteer

5.647 Descargas

presume 0.0.4

Presume is the only open-source Applicant Tracking System technology for Ruby-on-Rails ...

5.607 Descargas

libsvm_preprocessor 0.2

It's a text preprocessor that generate a libsvm input file

3.968 Descargas

esilverberg-classifier 1.3.6

Bayesian classifier and others.

3.684 Descargas

logankoester-classifier 1.4.3

Bayesian classifier and others.

3.555 Descargas

francois-classifier 1.3.6

Bayesian classifier and others.

3.549 Descargas

synonym-finder 0.2.2

Synonym finder is a biodiversity tool for finding homotypic nomenclatural synonyms in t...

2.950 Descargas

stuff-classifier-chinese 0.51

forked from, 2 methods are provided for n...

2.182 Descargas

lurn 0.1.2

A gem with tools for machine learning.

2.117 Descargas

TacTalk 0.1.1


1.860 Descargas

cloud_text 0.1.1

This gem removes punctuation and digits(optional), filters stopwords for the chosen lan...

1.649 Descargas

stuff-classifier-zh 0.5.2

2 methods are provided for now - (1) naive bayes implementation + (2) tf-idf weights

1.627 Descargas

Total de descargas 2.193.016

Para esta versión 258.609

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