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Reverse dependencies for ruby-vips Latest version of the following gems require ruby-vips

image_processing 1.11.0

High-level wrapper for processing images for the web with ImageMagick or libvips.

4,335,403 下載

shrine 3.2.2

Shrine is a toolkit for file attachments in Ruby applications. It supports uploading, d...

1,687,477 下載

carrierwave-vips 1.2.0

Adds VIPS support to CarrierWave

83,268 下載

imogen 0.2.0

IIIF image derivative generation helpers for Vips

17,829 下載

dragonfly_libvips 2.4.1

Dragonfly analysers and processors for libvips image processing library.

16,490 下載


dHash and IDHash perceptual image hashing/fingerprinting

12,631 下載

vips-process 0.2.3

Process your images with ruby-vips using an operation-oriented approach.

7,717 下載

file_pipeline 0.1.0

The file_pipeline gem provides a framework for nondestructive application of file opera...

4,882 下載

carrierwave-daltonize 0.0.4

Carrierwave VIPS Daltonize processing

4,496 下載

paperclip-vips 1.1.0

Uses Ruby Vips to when creating thumbnails for faster generation.

2,802 下載

jekyll-thumb 0.2.1

This Jekyll plugin autogenerates image thumbnails using the vips library

2,648 下載

jekyll-images 0.2.7

Optimizes images for Jekyll

2,492 下載

daily_image 0.1.5

A gem generate a daily image. Just For Fun 😊

2,064 下載

distorted 0.5.7

Ruby implementation of core file-format operations used by DistorteD-Jekyll.

1,722 下載

despeck 0.3.0

Removes stamps and watermarks from scanned images for OCR, 'removes specks'

1,221 下載

middleman-srcset_images 0.2.0

Middleman plugin for automatic img tags with proper srcset attributes. You can configur...

537 下載

pixelchart 1.0.1

Create a binary pixel map

535 下載

shrine-blurhash 0.0.1

Shrine plugin to compute Blurhash on image attachments

284 下載

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