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ruby2_keywordsの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require ruby2_keywords

faraday 1.1.0

HTTP/REST API client library.

285,548,897 ダウンロード

mustermann 1.1.1

A library implementing patterns that behave like regular expressions.

63,604,310 ダウンロード

arbre 1.3.0

Arbre makes it easy to generate HTML directly in Ruby

13,612,302 ダウンロード

allure-rspec 2.13.7

Cucumber adaptor to generate rich allure test reports

1,424,892 ダウンロード

memery 1.3.0

Memery is a gem for memoization.

162,879 ダウンロード

pg_party 1.4.0

Migrations and model helpers for creating and managing PostgreSQL 10 partitions

127,038 ダウンロード

atk_toolbox 0.0.149

The Ruby gem for all the standard tools ATK uses internally

86,128 ダウンロード

rails-patterns 0.8.0

A collection of lightweight, standardized, rails-oriented patterns.

53,006 ダウンロード

junk_drawer 1.7.0

random useful Ruby utilities

29,049 ダウンロード

saharspec 0.0.8

Several additions for DRYer RSpec code

19,078 ダウンロード

search_flip 3.1.2

Full-Featured Elasticsearch Ruby Client with a Chainable DSL

17,878 ダウンロード

async-await 0.5.0

Implements the async/await pattern on top of async :)

13,118 ダウンロード

alt_memery 2.0.0

Alt Memery is a gem for memoization. It's a fork of Memery with implementation via `Unb...

1,611 ダウンロード

oauth2_api_client 3.1.0

Small but powerful client around oauth2 and http-rb to interact with APIs

1,104 ダウンロード

randrizer 0.0.2

Random data generator with type composition

839 ダウンロード

profilizer 0.2.0

Some times we need to test in development how long our methods execute, how much memery...

737 ダウンロード

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