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Reverse dependencies for rubyzip 1.2.4

oddb2xml 2.6.4

oddb2xml creates xml files using swissINDEX, BAG-XML and Swissmedic.

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kiji 0.2.2

API toolkits for Japanese e-Gov system

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active_admin_import 4.1.0

The most efficient way to import for Active Admin

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All of the data necessary to construct exercises in any of the Exercism tracks. This in...

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prawn-emoji 3.0.0

Prawn::Emoji is an extention for Prawn, provides feature for drawing Emoji.

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narou 3.4.5


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sablon 0.3.2

Sablon is a document template processor. At this time it works only with docx and MailM...

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xlsxtream 2.1.0

This gem allows very efficient writing of CSV style data to XLSX with multiple worksheets.

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simple_xlsx_writer 0.5.3

Just as the name says, simple writter for Office 2007+ Excel files

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fontello_rails_converter 0.4.6

Gem for opening up your current fontello font in the browser from the command line and ...

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zendesk_apps_tools 3.2.4

Tools to help you develop Zendesk Apps.

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dato 0.7.5

Ruby client for DatoCMS API

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smartcard 0.5.6

Interface with ISO 7816 smart cards.

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coalescing_panda 4.5.7

Canvas LTI and OAUTH2 mountable engine

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zotplus-rakehelper 0.0.157

ZotPlus rake helper

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twine 1.0.6

Twine is a command line tool for managing your strings and their translations. It is...

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cpee 1.4.31


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rodf 1.1.0

ODF generation library for Ruby

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passbook 0.4.4

This gem allows you to create IOS Passbooks. Unlike some, this works with Rails but d...

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cloudfactory 0.7.4

A Ruby wrapper and CLI for to interact with REST API

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juicer 1.2.0

Resolve dependencies, merge and minify CSS and JavaScript files with Juicer - the comma...

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marty 5.2.0

Marty is a framework for viewing and reporting on versioned data.

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arachni 1.5.1

Arachni is a feature-full, modular, high-performance Ruby framework aimed towards helpi...

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clouseau 0.0.2

High-level library for working with the Cloud Foundry API.

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elastic-beanstalk 1.2.2

The simplest way to configure and deploy an Elastic Beanstalk application via rake.

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distil 0.14.4

A build tool for Javascript and CSS that takes advantage of best-of-breed helper applic...

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abstractor 4.4.7

A Rails engine gem for deriving discrete data points from narrative text via natural la...

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fwtoolkit 2.2.2

A collection of iOS development tools used by Future Workshops

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cosmos 4.4.0

Ball Aerospace COSMOS provides all the functionality needed to send commands to and...

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cosmos 4.4.0

Ball Aerospace COSMOS provides all the functionality needed to send commands to and...

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