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ruport 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require ruport

acts_as_reportable 1.1.1

acts_as_reportable provides ActiveRecord support for Ruby Reports

273,703 下载

mochigome 0.2.5

Report generator that graphs over ActiveRecord associations

86,035 下载

ruport-util 0.14.0

ruport-util provides a number of utilities and helper libs for Ruby Reports

80,257 下载

bio-band 0.1.11

Data mining and machine learning algorithms for JRuby

27,564 下载

documatic 0.2.3

Documatic is an OpenDocument extension for Ruby Reports (Ruport). It is a template-driv...

26,506 下载

daily 0.0.10

Reporting application

26,300 下载

rpipe 0.1.7

Functional MRI Processing Pipeline for the WADRC

24,555 下载


Ansible Tools e.g. Create directory by BestPractice

20,112 下载

rutemaweb 0.9.5

== DESCRIPTION: rutemaweb is the web frontend for rutema. It can be used as a viewer ...

19,244 下载

farmingengineers 0.1.5

Invoice generators, etc.

15,784 下载

rutema_web 1.0.6

== DESCRIPTION: rutema_web is the web frontend for rutema. It can be used as a viewer...

15,634 下载

ea_sports_ppi 0.0.5


11,925 下载

stresser 0.5.0

Wrapper around httperf for stresstesting your app. Runs httperf multiple times with dif...

11,119 下载

autoperf 1.1.0

Autoperf is a ruby driver for httperf, designed to help you automate load and performan...

9,739 下载

git-health-check 0.0.4

Git Health Check

9,646 下载

geetarista-export_csv 0.0.7

export_csv Gem

9,322 下载

sir_tracks_alot 0.6.2

A high speed general purpose tracking and reporting tool which uses Redis.

8,918 下载

ruboty-niftycloud 0.0.5

Manage NIFTYCloud via Ruboty

7,387 下载

automatthew-stevedore 0.2.1

Benchmarking framework with some statistickal stuff

7,102 下载

murdoch 1.0.1

Ruby Reports is a software library that aims to make the task of reporting less tedious...

6,594 下载

lolita-report 0.1.0

Enable configuration and generate HTML view for Lolita resources, and also has ability ...

6,152 下载

pie-high 0.2.0

High Charts is one of the best JavaScript charting libraries there is. Here is a strai...

6,027 下载

hone-git_pivot 0.1.1

TODO: longer description of your gem

5,621 下载

test_bundle_dependency 0.0.2


4,806 下载

ruby-band 0.1.13

Data mining and machine learning algorithms for JRuby

4,731 下载

ruport_report_builder 0.1.1

Simple wrapper for common ruport tasks

3,449 下载

ruport_json_formatter 1.0.1

Adds json output support to ruport

3,414 下载

rocksteady 0.8.0

Run arbitrary scenarios across disparate sets of git repo revisions

3,379 下载

rose 0.0.5

A slick Ruby DSL for reporting.

3,377 下载

rebalance 0.0.1

Rebalances mutual fund accounts to match your target asset allocation

2,997 下载

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