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Dependencias inversas para serverspec Latest version of the following gems require serverspec

sensu-plugins-load-checks 5.1.0

This plugin provides native load instrumentation for moni...

3.499.730 Descargas

beaker-rspec 6.3.0

RSpec bindings for beaker, see

2.463.159 Descargas

sensu-plugins-logs 4.1.1

This plugin provides native log instrumentation for monit...

879.329 Descargas

sensu-plugins-redis 5.0.0

This plugin provides native Redis instrumentation for mon...

863.635 Descargas

puppet-module-posix-dev-r2.4 1.1.0

A set of gems declaring Puppet module dependencies.

761.359 Descargas

bosh-stemcell 1.3262.24.0

Bosh::Stemcell provides tools to manage stemcells

592.073 Descargas

puppet-module-posix-dev-r2.5 1.1.0

A set of gems declaring Puppet module dependencies.

515.726 Descargas

itamae 1.12.1

Simple Configuration Management Tool

500.516 Descargas

puppet-module-posix-dev-r2.1 0.5.3

A set of gems declaring Puppet module dependencies.

240.891 Descargas

serverspec-extended-types 0.1.1

This gem provides some purpose-specific types for ServerSpec 2.x beyond the default one...

135.880 Descargas

ansible_spec 0.3.2

Ansible Config Parser for Serverspec. Run test Multi Role and Multi Host by Ansible Con...

103.070 Descargas

vagrant-serverspec 1.5.2

vagrant-serverspec is a Vagrant plugin that integrates serverspec into your workflow.

99.809 Descargas

sensu-plugins-opsgenie 5.0.0

Sensu plugins for Opsgenie

87.244 Descargas

rspec-system-serverspec 2.0.1

Integration plugin for combining the Serverspec testing library with rspec-system

86.071 Descargas

itamae-mitsurin 1.0.3

Customized version of Itamae and Itamae plugin. configuration management tool like chef...

83.172 Descargas

puppet-module-win-dev-r2.4 1.1.0

A set of gems declaring Puppet module dependencies.

81.143 Descargas

sensu-plugins-postgres 4.2.0

This plugin provides native PostgreSQL instrumentation fo...

76.007 Descargas

puppet-module-posix-dev-r2.3 0.5.3

A set of gems declaring Puppet module dependencies.

75.308 Descargas

sensu-plugins-azurerm 4.0.1

This plugin provides checks for Microsoft Azure's Resource Manager service.

60.402 Descargas

puppet-module-win-dev-r2.5 1.1.0

A set of gems declaring Puppet module dependencies.

59.790 Descargas

instrumental_tools 1.1.4

A collection of scripts useful for monitoring servers and services with Instrumental (i...

51.302 Descargas

rundock 1.2.1

Simple and extensible server orchestration framework

49.818 Descargas

serverspec-runner 1.3.8

simple execution framework for serverspec

48.808 Descargas

octopus-serverspec-extensions 0.19.0

ServerSpec extensions for Octopus Deploy, adds support for Octopus Deploy objects and i...

48.647 Descargas

dtk-node-agent 0.12.2

The DTK Node Agent runs on your nodes that you wish to manage using your DTK Server. I...

47.277 Descargas

specinfra-backend-docker_lxc 0.2.0

Serverspec / Specinfra backend for Docker LXC execution driver.

47.002 Descargas

specinfra-backend-docker_compose 0.1.0

Serverspec / Specinfra backend for Docker Compose.

45.208 Descargas

dockerspec 0.5.0

A small gem to run RSpec, Serverspec, Infrataster and Capybara tests against Dockerfile...

44.701 Descargas

puppet-module-win-dev-r2.1 0.5.3

A set of gems declaring Puppet module dependencies.

41.611 Descargas

voxpupuli-acceptance 0.3.0

A package that depends on all the gems Vox Pupuli modules need and methods to simplify ...

31.744 Descargas

Total de descargas 27.426.571

Para esta versión 5.517.436

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