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simple-navigationの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require simple-navigation

simple-navigation-bootstrap 1.0.2

simple-navigation-bootstrap is a simple-navigation renderer for twitter-bootstrap navig...

191,615 ダウンロード

conte_rails_template 0.1.11

Rails Theme Template for Conte

90,457 ダウンロード

sinatra-simple-navigation 4.1.0

A Sinatra extension to enable creating navigations with the simple-navigation gem. Also...

61,440 ダウンロード

cable 0.9.17

Cable Admin Engine for Rails 3

54,860 ダウンロード

ack_rocket_cms 0.9.2

RocketCMS fork

45,260 ダウンロード

ems 0.1.12

Editorial Management system used within group projects

45,122 ダウンロード

mix-rails 0.26.3

MixRails is a CMS and system based on Ruby on Rails

37,451 ダウンロード

mix-rails-core 0.26.3

This is the core of the mix-rails

33,298 ダウンロード


Ruby on Rails helpers for Bootstrap 2.0 - HTML, CSS, and JS toolkit from Twitter

31,469 ダウンロード

tida_template 0.3.2

Rails Template of Tida App Group

30,775 ダウンロード

navi 0.2.1

Allows you to save menu items in the database. You can create your own renderer.

30,503 ダウンロード

simple_navigation_renderers 1.0.2

simple_navigation_renderers gem adds renderers for Bootstrap 2 and 3. With these render...

29,031 ダウンロード

voluntary 0.7.1

#Crowdsourcing management system for #RubyOnRails:

25,167 ダウンロード

cmor_cms 0.0.58.pre

CMS base module for ruby on rails.

24,091 ダウンロード

template 2.0.0

Creates a bunch of files that most apps will have. Shoudl be used at the beginning of t...

23,352 ダウンロード

simple_navigation_bootstrap 1.3.0

This gem adds Bootstrap2 and Bootstrap3 renderers for SimpleNavigation

20,255 ダウンロード

ecm_cms_navigation 0.0.13

Provides database backend for simple navigation.

19,355 ダウンロード

ecm_cms2 5.1.2

CMS base module for ruby on rails.

18,288 ダウンロード

ecm_cms 1.0.5.pre

CMS Module for active admin.

17,113 ダウンロード

cg_app_base 1.1.1

Description of CgAppBase.

11,505 ダウンロード

middleman-navigation 1.0.4

Add simple navigation helpers for your Middleman project

9,140 ダウンロード

bootstrap-shoehorn 1.0.2

Shoehorn: a Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 helper library for Rails - HTML, CSS, and JS toolkit ...

7,712 ダウンロード

home_page 0.0.6

#Ruby on #Rails CMS with #Crowdsourcing support changes:

6,914 ダウンロード

vision 0.0.2

Vision is a Rails Way dashboard, built as a simple alternative to ActiveAdmin.

6,697 ダウンロード

groseillier 0.0.2

Core of the Groseillier project.

5,032 ダウンロード

simple-navigation-semantic_ui 1.0.2

simple-navigation-semantic_ui is a simple-navigation renderer for semantic_ui navigation.

4,448 ダウンロード

vkhater-social_stream-base 0.11.2

Social Stream is a Ruby on Rails engine providing your application with social networki...

2,713 ダウンロード

tida_conte_template 0.1.19

Rails Theme Template for Conte

2,350 ダウンロード

enjoy_cms_pages 0.4.1


2,295 ダウンロード

taxweb-frontend 0.5.7

Base de front-end para todas as aplicações da TaxWeb

1,815 ダウンロード

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