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Reverse dependencies for simplecov-gem-profile Latest version of the following gems require simplecov-gem-profile

schema_plus 2.0.1

SchemaPlus is a gem that simply pulls in a collection of other gems from the SchemaPlus...

905,239 下載

schema_plus_pg_indexes 0.3.2

Adds support in ActiveRecord for PostgreSQL index expressions and operator classes, as ...

719,346 下載

schema_plus_db_default 0.1.1

Defines constant ActiveRecord::DB_DEFAULT which, when saved as an attribute's value, ca...

340,887 下載

schema_plus_tables 0.1.1

Extends ActiveRecord's handling of tables

333,718 下載

defog 0.9.5

Wrapper to fog gem, proxying access to cloud files as local files.

64,716 下載

motion_blender 0.4.0

MotionBlender loads ruby gems for RubyMotion

33,911 下載

schema_plus_association_inverses 0.1.0

Warns when association inverses are not autodetected

19,817 下載

clickmeetings 0.2.0

Simple REST API client for ClickMeetings Private Label and Open API

13,711 下載

katsuyoujin 0.0.3

Japanese verb conjugator.

10,581 下載

schema_monkey_rails 0.2.0

Inserts SchemaMonkey into a rails app.

10,473 下載

motion_flux 0.1.2

MotionFlux supports to build Flux-based RubyMotion apps.

10,441 下載

clear-election-sdk 0.1.2

Ruby SDK for working with ClearElection data. Also includes factory and rspec helpers ...

10,118 下載

object-let 1.0.0

Defines Object#let, which yields the object and returns the result

8,518 下載

schema_plus_multischema 0.1.1

Adds support for multiple schemas in activerecord when using Postgres

6,634 下載

canada_payment 0.1.0

This library allows you to easily create ACH/EFT CPA005 files from Ruby.

3,931 下載

schema_plus_pg_types 0.1.1

Adds supports for PostgreSQL types that were left out by Rails

3,690 下載

groundswell_schema_plus_columns 0.3.1

Adds useful accessors to ActiveRecord's Column object.

3,111 下載

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