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Dependencias inversas para solidus_core 2.10.1

solidus_api 2.10.1

REST API for the Solidus e-commerce framework.

459.582 Descargas

solidus_backend 2.10.1

Admin interface for the Solidus e-commerce framework.

454.764 Descargas

solidus_support 0.5.1

Common runtime helpers for Solidus extensions.

440.770 Descargas

solidus_sample 2.10.1

Sample data (including images) for use with Solidus.

415.564 Descargas

solidus_frontend 2.10.1

Cart and storefront for the Solidus e-commerce project.

414.848 Descargas

solidus 2.10.1

Solidus is an open source e-commerce framework for Ruby on Rails.

409.307 Descargas

solidus_auth_devise 2.4.0

Provides authentication and authorization services for use with Solidus by using Devise...

405.793 Descargas

solidus_gateway 1.3.0

Additional Payment Gateways for Solidus

150.966 Descargas

solidus_i18n 2.0.0

Provides locale information for use in Solidus.

47.588 Descargas

solidus_jwt 1.1.0

Add Json Web Tokens to Solidus API

23.023 Descargas

solidus_braintree 1.2.0

Adds Solidus support for Braintree Gateway.

21.076 Descargas

solidus_social 1.3.1

Adds social network login services (OAuth) to Solidus

19.274 Descargas

solidus_trackers 1.1.0

Breaking out trackers from solidus core

16.593 Descargas

alchemy-solidus 3.0.2

A AlchemyCMS and Solidus integration

16.436 Descargas

solidus_comments 1.0.1

Adds comments to the solidus admin

14.811 Descargas

super_good-solidus_taxjar 0.17.0

Support for using TaxJar to handle tax calculations in Solidus

12.684 Descargas

solidus-returnly 0.13.1

Solidus API extensions for returnly

12.278 Descargas

solidus_avatax_certified 3.0.0

Solidus extension for Avalara tax calculation.

9.047 Descargas

solidus_sitemap 1.0.0

Provides a sitemap file for Solidus

8.525 Descargas

solidus_geocoding 0.0.2

Add geo-points to Spree::Address model.

6.748 Descargas

solidus_stripe 4.0.0

Stripe Payment Method for Solidus

6.451 Descargas

solidus-adyen 1.0.0

Adyen HPP payments for Solidus Stores

6.124 Descargas


Adds Ebsin Payment Method option in admin, which can be enabled for payments using Ebsi...

6.107 Descargas

solidus_volume_pricing 1.0.0

Allow prices to be configured in quantity ranges for each variant

6.064 Descargas

solidus_catalog_mode 0.3.0

Allow to set products only to show, but not for online sale (catalog mode)

4.742 Descargas

solidus_mailchimp_sync 1.0.0.beta05

Solidus -> Mailchimp Ecommerce synchronization

4.237 Descargas

solidus_responders 0.0.1

Removing responders out of solidus core

4.142 Descargas

solidus_dev_support 1.3.0

Development tools for Solidus extensions.

3.959 Descargas

solidus_prototypes 1.0.0

Breaking out prototypes from solidus

3.802 Descargas

solidus_br_common 1.1.3

This extension has goal to provide common aspects as cities, extras address information...

3.705 Descargas

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