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Dependencias inversas para spree_core Latest version of the following gems require spree_core


Simple contact form manager for Spree

20.143 Descargas

spree_minicart 1.1.3

Spree Minicart allows customer to add/remove an item from their cart without ever leavi...

17.448 Descargas

spree_variant_options 0.4.1

Spree Variant Options is a simple spree extension that replaces the radio-button varian...

16.440 Descargas

spree_suppliers 1.0.4

This gem (spree extension) provides support for multiple suppliers in one store. Produc...

16.249 Descargas

spree_simple_product_translations 0.0.6

Spree Extension that adds an intuitive way to translate product details in the backend

15.671 Descargas


Spree Wholesale adds a wholesale_price field to variants and allows users with a "whole...

15.379 Descargas

spree_favorite_products 3.2.0

This extension adds the following features: 1. Adds a link Mark as favorite on product ...

15.370 Descargas

spree_grid_feed 1.1.8

Adds both /products.xml and /t/taxon.xml product feeds

14.780 Descargas

spree-homepager 0.50.0

Spree extension that creates a homepage and enables a shop owner to place products on t...

14.714 Descargas

spree_carousels 1.2.6

Adds carousel functionality to spree homepage, based on taxons

14.630 Descargas

spree_mollie_gateway 4.0.1

Mollie payment gateway for Spree Commerce.

14.569 Descargas

adcurve_spree 0.0.14

Easy install adcurve support in to your spree ecommerce site

14.480 Descargas

spree_mini_contact 0.1.4

Basically the easiest way to implement a contact form.

14.160 Descargas

spree_custom_checkout 4.0.1

Implement a custom checkout with Spree. The goal here is to merge guest signup, address...

14.100 Descargas

spree_wallet 2.2.1

Add wallet payment method functionality to spree

13.982 Descargas

spree_home_page_features 1.2.5

Allows you to edit articles in the spree admin, which will be displayed on your homepage

13.975 Descargas

spree-bank-transfer 2.3.0

This Spree extension allows admin to provide bank transfer payment method to its users.

13.640 Descargas

spree_gtm 0.0.22

some gem description here

13.598 Descargas

spree_komoju 0.1.4

Spree Payment gateway for Komoju payment gateway

13.344 Descargas

spree_postal_service 2.4.0

Calculate weight based charges for a Spree order

13.109 Descargas

spree_grid_faq 0.1.0

Spree Grid FAQ adds a Frequently Asked Question section to your spree store. It allows...

13.082 Descargas

spree_special_offers 1.1.4

Adds old prices to variants

13.017 Descargas


Spree Retailers is a Spree extension for listing your company's retail stores on your w...

12.845 Descargas

spree_promo_user_usage_limit 2.4.0

Adding this rule to a promo will allow you to set a limit on the number of completed or...

12.840 Descargas

spree_repeat_order 2.2.2

Makes it possible to repeat an existing order with one click

12.831 Descargas

spree_recurring_order 2.2.2

Add the option to create a recurring order

12.562 Descargas

spree_bushido_auth 0.80.28

Required dependancy for Spree-Bushido

12.505 Descargas

spree_temando 0.3.1

Adds temando shipping support to Spree

12.485 Descargas

spree_purchase_order 3.7.0

Adds Purchase Order as a Payment Method to Spree Commerce

12.229 Descargas

spree_slider 1.2.0

Adds a slider to the homepage

11.932 Descargas

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Versión de Rubygems requerida: >= 1.8.23