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Reverse dependencies for stub_env Latest version of the following gems require stub_env

calabash-cucumber 0.23.0

calabash-cucumber drives tests for native iOS apps. You must link your app with calabas...

1,735,461 下載

run_loop 4.5.7

The bridge between Calabash iOS and Xcode command-line tools like instruments and simctl.

1,220,016 下載

calabash-android 0.9.22

calabash-android drives tests for native and hybrid Android apps.

1,203,787 下載

luffa 2.1.0

Tools for testing the Calabash Toolchain locally, on Travis CI, and Jenkins

365,271 下載

xamarin-test-cloud 2.3.0

Xamarin Test Cloud lets you automatically test your app on hundreds of mobile devices

283,897 下載

boletosimples 1.0.4

Boleto Simples API wrapper.

42,320 下載

calabash 1.2.1

Contains shared functionality and extentions to various Calabash sub-projects.

38,847 下載

sekreto 0.5.1

Manage AWS Secrets from Ruby

28,082 下載

rspec-multiprocess_runner 1.4.3

A runner for RSpec 3 that uses multiple processes to execute specs in parallel

21,927 下載

nxt_heroku_env 0.1.0

Helpers to ask which heroku environment an app runs in.

13,816 下載

bcnd 0.4.0

Degica's opinionated deployment tool.

12,525 下載

snap_ci_manual_trigger 1.0.2

Helps triggering specific steps on Snap-CI using API

8,276 下載

run_loop_tcc 2.1.6

Fork of run_loop with tcc support.

4,772 下載

snap-ci-artefact-grabber 0.1.1

Helps you get artefacts off Snap-CI.

2,754 下載

xamarin-test-cloud-appium 1.1.1

Xamarin Test Cloud lets you automatically test your app on hundreds of mobile devices

2,020 下載

savvy 0.2.0

ENV-backed configuration helper for Redis, Sidekiq, etc

1,892 下載

textflight-client 1.0.1

TextFlight is a space-based text adventure MMO. https://league...

249 下載

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