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Dependencias inversas para test-spec 0.10.0

amazon-ec2 0.9.17

A Ruby library for accessing the Amazon Web Services EC2, ELB, RDS, Cloudwatch, and Aut...

923.232 Descargas

grempe-amazon-ec2 0.5.5

A Ruby library for accessing the Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and El...

36.805 Descargas

csv-omg 1.1.8

CsvOmg easily lets you map CSV to objects. Inspired by happymapper.

26.008 Descargas

codnar 0.1.77

Code Narrator (Codnar) is an inverse literate programming tool. It splits the source fi...

19.485 Descargas

olag 0.1.22

Olag is Oren's set of utilities for creating a well-behaved gem. This is very opinionat...

15.952 Descargas

polish_number 1.1.0

Translates numbers to Polish words

14.423 Descargas

devver-rack-contrib 0.9.7

The Devver fork of rack-contrib

14.245 Descargas

polish-number 0.1.1

polish-number has been renamed to polish_number and moved to

12.414 Descargas


Contributed Rack Middleware and Utilities

11.615 Descargas

rucola 0.5.1

Rucola is an extension for RubyCocoa. It has a application skeleton generator and build...

11.546 Descargas

nifty-cloud-sdk 1.7

It is an operation library for Nifty Cloud APIs that the server making, starting, stopi...

10.752 Descargas

tricycle-rack-contrib 0.9.7

Contributed Rack Middleware and Utilities, including Tricycle's modifications

10.684 Descargas

padrino-localization 0.2.0

This gem allows you to localalize your padrino application with ease

10.089 Descargas

trimmer 0.0.6

Rack endpoint to make templates and i18n translations available in javascript

8.191 Descargas

fluffy_barbarian 0.0.3

Fluffy barbarian carefully handles your blog!

8.123 Descargas

thin_models 0.2.1

Some convenience classes for 'thin models' -- pure domain model data objects which are ...

7.564 Descargas

hold 1.0.5

A persistence library based more closely on the repository model. Used in production ...

7.308 Descargas

Fingertips-internetkassa 0.9.4

A library to make online payments using ABN-AMRO (Dutch bank) Internetkassa.

6.743 Descargas

dm-translatable 0.1.2

This game was build to make whole proccess of working with translation for DM to be alm...

6.724 Descargas

julik-timecode 0.1.8

Value class for SMPTE timecode information

6.317 Descargas

fngtps-weblog 0.5.1

Weblog tools.

5.652 Descargas

rack-try_static 0.1.1

rack middleware to serve static files with specified patterns. Check out http://gmarik....

5.304 Descargas

rack-modernizr 0.0.2

Rack::Modernizr is a Rack middleware that automagically includes the Modernizr javascri...

5.245 Descargas

rack-raker 0.1.1

Rack Rake middleware/app.

5.014 Descargas

universe-testing 0.1.1

gem install universe-testing

4.766 Descargas

eac-rack 1.1.1

Rack provides minimal, modular and adaptable interface for developing web applications ...

3.601 Descargas


Contributed Rack Middleware and Utilities with working JSON-P (edge rack-contrib as of ...

3.456 Descargas

newrelic-amazon-ec2 0.6.2

A Ruby library for accessing the Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Elast...

3.352 Descargas


This package is Hiraku's modified rack. Original description is bellow. Rack provides ...

3.219 Descargas

nirvdrum-amazon-ec2 0.7.9

A Ruby library for accessing the Amazon Web Services EC2, ELB, RDS, Cloudwatch, and Aut...

3.011 Descargas

Total de descargas 83.146

Para esta versión 67.140

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