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Reverse dependencies for thermite Latest version of the following gems require thermite

faster_path 0.3.10

FasterPath is a reimplementation of Pathname for better performance.

54,098 下載

fast_woothee 1.6.4

Ruby bindings to woothee-rust

48,313 下載

sanscript 0.10.1

Ruby port and extension of Sanscript.js transliterator by

26,857 下載

case_transform-rust-extensions 0.4.0

Extraction of the key_transform abilities of ActiveModelSerializers

17,250 下載

rusty_json_schema 0.9.0

FFI wrapper around Rust library. Cur...

8,985 下載

tracklib 0.3.0

RWGPS tracklib ruby gem

7,821 下載

capbac 0.4.4

Ruby implementation for Capability-based Access Control model

6,086 下載

crust_json_encoder 0.0.7

CrustJSONEncoder is a JSON encoder for Ruby on Rails.

5,347 下載

mrml 0.6.0

This project is a reimplementation of the nice MJML markup language in Rust.

4,747 下載

trusted 0.4.0

Application server for Rack apps built with Rust

4,518 下載

sterilize 0.4.0

A performant Rust based HTML sanitization library

3,786 下載

fast_priority_queue 0.1.2

A blazzingly fast implementation of priority queue using Rust + Ruru

3,769 下載

blake2b_rs 0.1.3

A ruby blake2b gem which using rust blake2 crate

2,721 下載

rusty_redic 0.2.1

A lightweight Redis Client, written in Rust, as minimal as Redic

2,425 下載

pythia 0.0.3

Password hardening using an oblivious-PRF service

2,288 下載

openalias 0.2.0

Wrapper around the OpenAlias rust implementation that allows to lookup and parse OpenAl...

1,751 下載

rust_watcher 0.1.0

Ruby bindings for rsnotify, a cross-platform file watching utility written in Rust.

1,571 下載

rdeunicode 0.1.1

Rdeunicode is wrapper around deunicode that bring that awesome crate to Ruby. Enjoy.

1,565 下載

rusty_symbol 0.2.0

Symbol#start_with? and #end_with? methods implemented in Rust

1,317 下載

thermite-rails 0.2.0

Use thermite gems in Rails.

1,208 下載

rusty_csv 0.0.1

A rust based csv gem for ruby

1,200 下載

slugrust 0.1.1

Ruby bindings to the "slugify" crate

972 下載

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這個版本 160,673

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Ruby 版本需求: >= 2.0.0