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unicodeの被依存性 Latest version of the following gems require unicode

cronex 0.11.1

Ruby library that converts cron expressions into human readable strings

608,007 ダウンロード

sup 1.0

Sup is a console-based email client for people with a lot of email. * GMail-like t...

387,366 ダウンロード

pry-inline 1.0.7

This Pry plugin enables inline variables view like RubyMine!

306,027 ダウンロード

pragmatic_segmenter 0.3.22

Pragmatic Segmenter is a sentence segmentation tool for Ruby. It allows you to split a ...

268,123 ダウンロード

hammer_cli 2.3.0

Hammer cli provides universal extendable CLI interface for ruby apps

81,546 ダウンロード

carnival 0.3.2

Carnival is an easy-to-use and extensible Rails Engine to speed the development of data...

79,037 ダウンロード

simhash 0.2.5

Implementation of Charikar simhashes in Ruby

66,470 ダウンロード

pragmatic_tokenizer 3.1.0

A multilingual tokenizer to split a string into tokens.

62,417 ダウンロード

scylla 1.2.0

Allows for text categorization by guessing the language of a given text using n-grams

48,878 ダウンロード

mrpin-sdk 1.0.84

Mrpin sdk for backend development.

44,375 ダウンロード

fias 1.0.3

Imports Russian FIAS database into SQL (for Ruby on Rails on PostgreSQL projects)

43,970 ダウンロード

sklik-api 0.1.6

Sklik advertising PPC api for creating campaigns and updating them when they runs

38,255 ダウンロード

lingo 1.10.2

Lingo is an open source indexing system for research and teachings. The main functions ...

30,392 ダウンロード

rs_russian 0.15.0

Russian language support for Ruby and Rails

29,939 ダウンロード

mandrill-template-manager 0.3.3

Manage Mandrill Template CLI

20,855 ダウンロード



20,633 ダウンロード

perseus_match 0.0.9

Fuzzy string matching based on linguistic analysis

20,549 ダウンロード

elexis-wiki-interface 0.5.7

Support for pulling/pushing wiki content from source repository to

19,173 ダウンロード

math_metadata_lookup 0.2.1

This utility/library search mathematical reviews sites and fetches metadata about artic...

18,835 ダウンロード

fnando-kitabu 0.3.10

A framework for creating e-books from Markdown/Textile text markup using Ruby. Using t...

18,312 ダウンロード

bibsonomy 0.4.16

Enables calls to the BibSonomy REST API with Ruby.

16,148 ダウンロード

qtunes 0.0.7

add songs to queue, let cmus eat it

14,508 ダウンロード

virtualfs 0.1.7

Allows accessing remote datastores in a unified way.

14,286 ダウンロード

pms 0.0.7

A simple searching facility for (nearly) arbitrary input.

14,281 ダウンロード

redmine_rest 0.8.0

Gem includes some ActiveResource models for Redmine

13,088 ダウンロード

nsi-abntformat 1.0.4

Transforms objects containing documentation metadata in bibliographic references on ABN...

12,527 ダウンロード

zcc 0.2.0

zcc is a command line script for copy cataloging MARC records

12,509 ダウンロード

staugaard-transcoding_machine 0.2.4


12,153 ダウンロード

jekyll_patternbot 1.6.5

A Jekyll plugin for developing pattern libraries & style guides that can be used to gen...

11,890 ダウンロード

swissmatch-location 1.0.1

Deal with swiss zip codes, communities, districts and cantons, using the official swiss...

11,451 ダウンロード

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