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Dependencias inversas para unicode_utils Latest version of the following gems require unicode_utils

countries 3.1.0

All sorts of useful information about every country packaged as pretty little country o...

29.117.148 Descargas

sort_alphabetical 1.1.0

Sort UTF8 Strings alphabetical via Enumerable extension

8.372.726 Descargas

strings 0.2.1

A set of methods for working with strings such as align, truncate, wrap and many more.

5.279.220 Descargas

coolline 0.5.0

A readline-like library that allows to change how the input is displayed.

2.806.236 Descargas

gollum-lib 5.1

A simple, Git-powered wiki with a sweet API and local frontend.

2.484.258 Descargas

gollum-lib 5.1

A simple, Git-powered wiki with a sweet API and local frontend.

2.484.258 Descargas

verse 0.5.0

Text transformations such as truncation, wrapping, aligning, indentation and grouping o...

276.909 Descargas

i18n_country_select 1.2.1

A simple country code select helper that works with I18n translations.

273.786 Descargas

avatarly 1.6.0

Avatarly is a simple gem for Ruby that creates gmail-like avatars with initials, inspir...

201.525 Descargas

biodiversity19 3.1.7

Tools for biodiversity informatics

139.471 Descargas

ayadn 4.0.3 command-line client: toolbox to access and manage your ADN data, show your stre...

136.380 Descargas

fonemas 0.7.9

Creación de fonemas para ser utilizadas en el reconocimiento de voz con cmu sphinx

134.314 Descargas

tf-idf-similarity 0.2.0

Calculates the similarity between texts using tf*idf

120.024 Descargas

mongoid_fulltext 0.8.2

Full-text search for the Mongoid ORM, using n-grams extracted from text.

91.246 Descargas

hdo-storting-importer 0.6.0

Gem to process data from

89.232 Descargas

unicode_titlecase 0.0.2

Gem to enable easy title casing of strings containing Unicode text.

85.733 Descargas

kyanite 0.8.4

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

77.905 Descargas

sexmachine 0.1.0

Get gender from first name.

74.783 Descargas

lcbo 1.5.0

Request and parse product, store, inventory, and product search pages directly from the...

57.854 Descargas

flickru 0.6.5

Command-line tool that automatises photo/video uploads to Flickr. Entering 'flickru

56.165 Descargas

iso_3166 0.1.1

Utility class to deal with ISO3166 country codes, names and number

51.952 Descargas

name-spotter 0.3.4

The gem searches for scientific names in texts using socket server...

51.742 Descargas

tckimlikdogrulama 0.2.5

Ad, Soyad, TCKimlikNo ve DogumYili ile Dogrulama Yapar

47.024 Descargas

punkt-segmenter 0.9.1

Ruby port of the NLTK Punkt sentence segmentation algorithm

46.291 Descargas

lolita-i18n 0.6.0

Lolita plugin, that enables .yml files management from administrative interface. Also f...

42.342 Descargas

evil-front 0.5.1

Helpers, Sass mixins and JS shortcuts from Evil Martians

37.825 Descargas

callcredit 1.0.0

Ruby wrapper for Callcredit's CallValidate API

31.034 Descargas

tzispa_helpers 0.3.6

Module Helpers for Tzispa framework

24.940 Descargas

couch-shell 0.0.8

A shell to interact with a CouchDB server.

23.764 Descargas

wasserstand 0.0.11

Unofficial Ruby wrapper for Pegel Online

22.440 Descargas

Total de descargas 32.791.350

Para esta versión 32.631.639

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