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Reverse dependencies for vagrant Latest version of the following gems require vagrant

vagrant-hostmaster 0.8.1

vagrant-hostmaster is a Vagrant plugin to manage /etc/hosts entries on both the host OS...

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capistrano-file-resources 0.1.1

A sort of utilities which helps you to manage file resources.

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fragrant 0.0.6

Generate and manage Vagrant boxes remotely

13,071 下載

migrant-boxes 0.2.0

A simple and opinionated way to replicate a Vagrant setup on EC2 or Rackspace

13,043 下載

vagrant-ansible 0.0.5

Develop & test your ansible playbooks with Vagrant

12,939 下載

capistrano-custom-maintenance 0.1.0

a customizable capistrano maintenance recipe.

11,478 下載

vagrant-puppetconf 0.2.2

Vagrant plugin which allows manipulation of puppet.conf from VagrantFile

11,315 下載

capistrano-upstart 0.1.0

a capistrano recipe to manage upstart serivce.

11,179 下載

veewee-atlassian 0.3.11

Expand the 'vagrant box' command to support the creation of base boxes from scratch. Th...

11,032 下載

antismoker 0.1.0

Yet another HTTP smoke testing framework.

10,827 下載

vagrant-plugins 0.2.3

vagrant-plugins is a vagrant plugin to list all vagrant plugins loaded in the current v...

10,112 下載

vagrant-hostentries 0.6.5

vagrant-hosts is a Vagrant plugin to manage /etc/hosts entries on both the host OS and ...

9,658 下載

HeSYINUvSBZfxqA-veewee 0.203.3

Expand the 'vagrant box' command to support the creation of base boxes from scratch

9,450 下載

VagrantHyperV 0.0.5

This is a HyperV provider for vagrant. It doesn't quite work yet.

9,159 下載

engineyard-local 1.0.2

Engine Yard Local allows you to develop and test locally on your own computer using a v...

8,300 下載

vagrant-vmhosts 0.0.4

This Vagrant plugin allows you to add entries to the hosts file of the VM. This is part...

7,919 下載

vagrant-boxen 0.0.4

Easier vagrant development boxes creation

7,152 下載


Combine the awesome powers of Capistrano and Chef. The only thing you need is SSH access.

7,099 下載

rs_vagrant_shim 0.2.0

Allows RightScale ServerTemplate development to be performed primarily within Vagrant

7,030 下載

vagrant-fog-box-storage 0.0.4

The use case is if you have a vagrant box, stored on S3 (or another storage provider su...

6,951 下載

vagrant-spatula 0.0.3

Vagrant Spatula uses the excellent 'spatula' gem and command-line utility to provision ...

6,658 下載

vagrant-proxyssh 0.2.0

Makes it possible to use 'ssh' to login to a Vagrant VM, without adding multiple fake h...

6,488 下載

toft-puppet 0.0.11

toft currently support testing chef, puppet, shell scripts using cucumber on lxc on ubuntu

6,483 下載

vagrant-butter 0.0.3

Smooth out Vagrantfiles with some common helpers and shims

6,454 下載

vagrant-test 0.1.2

vagrant-test is a simple Vagrant plugin for running tests on your VMs.

6,351 下載

sipatra 0.1.1

Sipatra is a Ruby DSL for easy writting of SIP Servlet applications

6,089 下載

zfs 0.1.1

Makes it possible to query and manipulate ZFS filesystems, snapshots, etc.

6,051 下載

capistrano-redeploy 0.1.0

A dangerous recipe that overwrites your running application.

5,964 下載

vmtools 0.2.2

Util that (re)create chef cookbook testboxes inside Virtualbox VMs. It uses vagrant.

5,878 下載

kuroko 0.0.2

Cucumber Plugin for testing Puppet manifests using Vagrant

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