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Dependencias inversas para watir-webdriver Latest version of the following gems require watir-webdriver

flights_gui_tests 2.4.98

test automatizado para los productos del equipo flights gui

473.112 Descargas

touch_action 1.3.3

Adds touch gestures simulation to Watir, Selenium and Capybara using YUI JS.

252.564 Descargas

auto_test 1.0

Automatic Testing Tool

209.920 Descargas

watir-webdriver-performance 0.2.4

This gem collects and summarises metrics speficied in the W3C Navigation web performanc...

182.049 Descargas

watir-webdriver-performance 0.2.4

This gem collects and summarises metrics speficied in the W3C Navigation web performanc...

182.049 Descargas

flights_gui_henry_tests 3.0.7

test automatizado para el proyecto flights gui

164.333 Descargas

ds-gui-automation 0.3.0

DS Services testing Gem

161.802 Descargas

awetestlib 1.2.4

Features robust and flexible reporting.

161.335 Descargas

ole-qa-framework 3.18.1

Watir-Webdriver Based Page-Object Framework for Kuali Open Library Environment QA Testing

117.419 Descargas

watir-timecop 0.1.2

Watir::Wait::Timer implementation compatible with Timecop

116.275 Descargas

arachni 1.5.1

Arachni is a feature-full, modular, high-performance Ruby framework aimed towards helpi...

115.535 Descargas

test-factory 0.5.3

This gem provides a set of modules and methods to help quickly and DRYly create a test ...

104.518 Descargas

watirmark 5.29.4

Watirmark is an MVC test framework for watir-webdriver

73.176 Descargas

sbsm 1.6.0

Application framework for state based session management

69.247 Descargas

whos_using_what 1.1.4

What companies are using what technologies

62.774 Descargas

page_object_wrapper 1.6.1

Wraps watir-webdriver with convenient testing interface, based on PageObjects automatio...

61.213 Descargas

crabfarm 0.7.11

Crabfarm lets you build web scrappers using TDD, it is also very opinionated about ...

60.420 Descargas

symbiont 1.2.0

Symbiont is a framework that allows you to describe your application in terms of ac...

43.753 Descargas


Distribut automated testing framework for Web or App.

42.810 Descargas

brand2csv 0.3.2

brand2csv creates csv files for swiss brand registered in a specific time period. The...

41.250 Descargas

bbmb 2.3.3

A Ruby gem for browser based orders of approved medical drugs in Switzerland

30.375 Descargas

calatrava 0.6.11

A framework to build cross-platform mobile apps with high quality native UIs.

29.758 Descargas

gless 3.0.0

This gem attempts to provide a more robust model for web application testing, on top of...

28.694 Descargas

sakai-cle-test-api 0.1.3

The Sakai-CLE gem provides an API for interacting with pages and page elements in rSmar...

24.238 Descargas

watir-extensions-element-screenshot 0.0.3

Extend Watir to be able to screenshot any element

23.343 Descargas

xunlei 0.0.13

A browser script to access tasks automatically

22.541 Descargas

ada_matcher 0.1.4

Adds custom rspec matchers that test watir Page objects for ADA compliance

22.239 Descargas

angular_webdriver 1.0.8

Angular webdriver.

20.786 Descargas

magicspec 0.0.14

A test framework using watir-webdriver rspec and page-object

20.434 Descargas

henry-dummy 0.0.17

Henry library to recreate testing scenarios.

17.897 Descargas

Total de descargas 3.918.043

Para esta versión 859.591

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