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Reverse dependencies for watir-webdriver Latest version of the following gems require watir-webdriver

copilot 0.1.0

CoPilot is a Ruby Gem that provides a rudimentary API for TestFlight using browser auto...

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henry-dummy 0.0.17

Henry library to recreate testing scenarios.

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watir-webdriver-rails 0.0.8

WebDriver-backed Watir for Rails

18,338 下載

whirlwind 0.1.8

This rubygem does not have a description or summary.

17,437 下載

goggles 0.10.0

Compare screenshots in different browsers at different sizes

15,532 下載

watir_robot 0.1.8

Watir Robot - Remote keyword library for Robot Framework

15,485 下載

cwtestgen 0.1.6

Generates the Clockwork specific Cucumber testing environment

14,936 下載

tinderbot 0.0.14

Ruby wrapper for the Tinder API and automatic liker bot.

14,613 下載

pagetience 0.4.3

A simple gem for making page object waiting easy.

14,535 下載

AmazonEchoJS 0.0.07

AmazonEchoJS is an executable to monitor Amazon echo for voice commands.

14,485 下載

gwt_widgets 0.0.7

A page-object extension for GWT apps, to support cucumber tests

13,385 下載

instagram_scraper 0.2.10

A instagram scraper to get user instagram data thought public api (search and media)

13,078 下載

marso 0.1.47959

Marso is the beginning of a small lightweight BDD project. Currently, this is just a ve...

12,633 下載

lineup 0.7.3

lineup takes to screenshots of your app and compares them to references in order to fin...

12,614 下載

watir-formhandler 2.7.0

Adds some convenience methods to fill out forms in Watir.

12,039 下載

angular_page_object 1.0.1

Angular page object.

11,829 下載

macaron 2.0.2

Ruby based web scraper

11,677 下載

mobilify 1.2.1

page-object methods invoked with one call but defined contextually

11,491 下載

watir-page-helper 1.0.3

DEPRECATED - This is a page helper for Watir-WebDriver that allows use easy access to e...

11,135 下載

fotki-export 0.0.4

Simple command line tool to download all your photos from

10,575 下載

fotki-export 0.0.4

Simple command line tool to download all your photos from

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fotki-export 0.0.4

Simple command line tool to download all your photos from

10,575 下載

page-objectify 0.0.10

A Ruby page class generator (for use with the page-object gem)

10,208 下載

web4cucumber 0.0.9

Store page and action descriptions in yaml files, use this library to perform all lo...

9,962 下載

sakai-oae-test-api 0.0.7

The Sakai-OAE gem provides an API for interacting with the web pages and page elements ...

9,890 下載

saucelabs 0.5

Access saucelabs by passing browser, version, platform and device information

9,519 下載

trackit_scraper 2.1.1

Screen scrapes data from the Track-It help desk web application.

9,477 下載

domkey 0.4.0

Domain Specifc PageObject for Selenium Watir-Webdriver. PageObject that models business...

8,848 下載

omnibrowser 0.0.7

To do

8,346 下載

ripl-watir 0.0.4

A ripl plugin to provide an interactive shell for creating page objects to build an aut...

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