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Dependencias inversas para wdm Latest version of the following gems require wdm

nimbu 0.12.0

Client library and command-line tool to design and manage websites on the Nimbu platform.

101.776 Descargas

middleman-core-x86-mingw32 3.0.14

A static site generator. Provides dozens of templating languages (Haml, Sass, Compass, ...

40.216 Descargas

jekyll-theme-hydeout 4.2.0

The Hyde theme for Jekyll, refreshed.

30.189 Descargas


Vagrant is a tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments.

30.003 Descargas

wrap_excel 0.1.0

WrapExcel is to wrap the win32ole, and easy to use Excel operations with ruby. Detailed...

15.378 Descargas

dietary_dsl 0.5.4

Esta gema sirve para realizar una representación de menús dietéticos usando un lenguaje...

10.646 Descargas

geolexica-site 1.7.0

Geolexica sites generator based on Jekyll

9.807 Descargas

assets-watchify 0.2.1

Fast serving Rails assets in development

9.757 Descargas

jumbler 0.0.3

Jumbler is an application used to watch folders containg javascript and pass them to Go...

9.255 Descargas

buho 0.0.3

HAML Watcher like SASS or CoffeeScript

8.666 Descargas

bunto-watch 3.0.0

Rebuild your Bunto site when a file changes with the `--watch` switch.

5.937 Descargas

web-mapping-leaflet 0.2.1

Web mapping template for Jekyll website powered by leaflet.js

5.261 Descargas

google-scholar 0.0.2

Google Scholar interface. Currently only works for Author searches.

4.960 Descargas

microstation 0.8.4

Wrapping of microstation using win32ole to automate and control from ruby

4.453 Descargas

guard-depend 0.1.0

Run commands only if build output is not up to date.

4.178 Descargas

feather_watch 0.0.2

A barebones file system watcher which uses native file system events for Linux, OSx, an...

4.064 Descargas

zola 0.1.0

Zola is an encryption engine for encrypting, decrypting, and cracking messages.

2.016 Descargas

einutricional 0.2.0

Esta aplicación ofrece la estructura para gestionar los datos de las etiquetas de infor...

914 Descargas

Total de descargas 551.069

Para esta versión 450.882

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