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Dependencias inversas para will_paginate-bootstrap Latest version of the following gems require will_paginate-bootstrap

camaleon_cms 2.6.0

Camaleon CMS is a dynamic and advanced content management system based on Ruby on Rails...

139.610 Descargas

tb_core 1.5.4

Twice Baked Core Engine

68.511 Descargas

failuregem 1.4

A simple Gem that includes everything you need to start right away with Rails programmi...

65.229 Descargas

almanac 0.9.2

Almanac is the most elegant mountable blog engine that can be easily hooked up in the e...

49.888 Descargas

queue_classic_admin 0.2.5

An admin interface for QueueClassic

34.462 Descargas

hierapolis-rails 1.1.3

This gem using to  integrate hierapolis theme  on rails project.

27.171 Descargas

blog-gem 0.1.20

Blog Tool for the Shubbl Homepage

19.918 Descargas

redis_monitor 0.3.3

Get general information of a running redis instance

17.831 Descargas

office_clerk 1.0.0

Rubyclerks is a small buisness management solution, including an online presence (shop)...

12.558 Descargas

beerify 0.2.0

The rails engine which lets you the time to drink some beers!

12.240 Descargas

smug 0.1.9

Write a longer description or delete this line.

11.587 Descargas

ouvrages_scaffold 0.2.0

Rails scaffold in HAML, using cancan and bootstrap

9.816 Descargas

home_page 0.0.6

#Ruby on #Rails CMS with #Crowdsourcing support changes:

8.693 Descargas

mongo_fe 0.1.2

A simple Sinatra based web front-end that can be used for experimenting and learning Mo...

6.973 Descargas

greedo 0.0.7

Shortens the syntax for creating tables

6.217 Descargas

lcms-engine 0.3.1

Implements common components and features for Rails-based LCMS systems

4.048 Descargas

dry_admin 0.1.3

DRYAdmin is a mountable Ruby on Rails engine that will create an instant backend for al...

3.632 Descargas

j_pagination 0.1.0

a simple pagin helper with will_paginate depedency, any case if you are requesting data...

1.980 Descargas

camaleon_cms_rails6 2.5.0

Camaleon CMS is a dynamic and advanced content management system based on Ruby on Rails...

962 Descargas

client_engine 0.1.0

Plugin de clientes para sistema de gestión

921 Descargas

Total de descargas 4.162.935

Para esta versión 900.580

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