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with_modelの被依存性 2.1.2

pg_search 2.3.0

PgSearch builds Active Record named scopes that take advantage of PostgreSQL's full tex...

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discard 1.1.0

Allows marking ActiveRecord objects as discarded, and provides scopes for filtering.

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jsonapi-rails 0.4.0

Efficient, convenient, non-intrusive JSONAPI framework for Rails.

619,823 ダウンロード

table-for 3.7.0

table-for is a table builder for an array of objects, easily allowing overriding of how...

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schematic 0.7.1

Automatic XSD generation from ActiveRecord models

87,235 ダウンロード

sql_query 0.6.0

It makes working with pure SQL easier with syntax highlighting. Let's you clean you...

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pg_audit_log 0.6.7

A completely transparent audit logging component for your application using a stored pr...

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activerecord-hstore_properties 0.0.10

Allows to describe field names that will be stored within hstore column together with t...

44,715 ダウンロード

activerecord-hstore_properties 0.0.10

Allows to describe field names that will be stored within hstore column together with t...

44,715 ダウンロード

pheromone 0.5.1

Sends messages to kafka using different formats and strategies

42,401 ダウンロード

kms_rails 0.1.0

Quickly add KMS encryption and decryption to your ActiveRecord model attributes and Act...

38,913 ダウンロード

multiparameter_date_time 0.5.0

Set a DateTime via two accessors, one for the date, one for the time

24,892 ダウンロード

roleable 0.2.1

Roles solution for active-record-backed Rails 3 applications

24,571 ダウンロード

junk_drawer 1.6.1

random useful Ruby utilities

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embedson 1.1.0

Save hash representation of class in json column as embedded model.

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releaf 1.1.21

Administration interface for Ruby on Rails

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customize 0.0.8

easy customize your domain model, including: characterize; inherit; formula

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username_suggester 0.3.0

Generates username suggestions for users

16,155 ダウンロード

setting_accessors 1.2.0

Adds a global key-value-store to Rails applications and allows adding typed columns ...

15,878 ダウンロード

mod_factor 0.0.12

mod factor

15,671 ダウンロード

leases 1.2.2

Database multi-tenancy for Rails.

15,086 ダウンロード

has_token_on 1.0.5

Simple yet customizable token generator for Rails 3

14,675 ダウンロード

engine-rea 0.3.1

follow REA model

12,346 ダウンロード

cabalist 0.0.4

Cabalist is conceived as a simple way of adding some smarts (machine learning capabili...

10,655 ダウンロード

solidus-returnly 0.13.1

Solidus API extensions for returnly

10,447 ダウンロード

asc_desc 0.0.3

This gem adds two new methods to ActiveRecord (and ActiveRecord::Relation) that allows ...

9,240 ダウンロード

scoped_serializer 1.0.3

Scoped serializers for Rails

8,959 ダウンロード

tablematic 0.0.3

Generates tables from AR collections.

8,916 ダウンロード

hystorical 1.0.0

Hystorical is a simple solution for managing explicit historical datasets

8,371 ダウンロード

attr_uuid 1.1.0

This gem makes binary uuid attribute easy to use

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