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yard-activesupport-concern 的反向依赖 Latest version of the following gems require yard-activesupport-concern

view_component 2.82.0

A framework for building reusable, testable & encapsulated view components in Ruby on R...

10,130,003 下载

good_job 3.12.0

A multithreaded, Postgres-based ActiveJob backend for Ruby on Rails

551,881 下载

activity_notification 2.2.3

Integrated user activity notifications for Ruby on Rails. Provides functions to configu...

546,205 下载

wordmove 5.2.2

Wordmove deploys your WordPress websites at the speed of light.

299,439 下载

attr_json 2.0.0

ActiveRecord attributes stored serialized in a json column, super smooth. Typed and cas...

264,541 下载

grape-jwt-authentication 2.1.0

A reusable Grape JWT authentication concern

146,593 下载

keyless 1.1.0

A reusable JWT authentication helper

90,392 下载

fmrest 0.24.0

FileMaker Data API client with ORM features. This gem is a wrapper for other gems: fmre...

68,181 下载

api-blocks 0.10.0

Simple and consistent rails api extensions

47,772 下载

jabber_admin 1.1.0

Library for the ejabberd RESTful admin API

35,143 下载

binda 0.1.11

A modular CMS for Ruby on Rails 5 with an intuitive out-of-the-box interface to manage ...

30,641 下载

rimless 1.3.0

A bundle of opinionated Apache Kafka / Confluent Schema Registry helpers.

29,378 下载

kithe 2.8.0

Shareable tools/components for building a digital collections app in Rails.

26,613 下载

billomat 1.0.0

Wrapper for the Billomat API

20,660 下载

factory_bot_instrumentation 1.0.0

Allow your testers to generate test data on demand

17,922 下载

pricehubble 1.0.0

Ruby client for the PriceHubble REST API

10,082 下载

immoscout 1.4.0

Ruby client for the Immobilienscout24 REST API

9,509 下载

rql 0.2.2

RQL is a DSL that allows derived attributes in Active Record models to be used in datab...

8,174 下载

acts_as_table 0.0.4

ActsAsTable is a Ruby on Rails plugin for working with tabular data.

5,914 下载

conversejs 3.4.0

Converse.js for your Rails application

5,799 下载

alarmable 1.0.0

This is a reusable alarm concern for Active Recordmodels. It adds support for the autom...

5,706 下载

elasticsearch_record 1.4.0

ElasticsearchRecord is a ActiveRecord adapter and provides similar functionality for El...

1,853 下载

countless 1.1.0

This gem includes reusable code statistics / annotations helpers / Rake tasks.

1,220 下载

boltless 1.2.0

neo4j driver, via the HTTP API

1,127 下载

anchormodel 0.1.2

Bringing object-oriented programming to Rails enums

733 下载

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这个版本 1,081,267

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