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yellの被依存性 2.2.2

html-proofer 3.15.1

Test your rendered HTML files to make sure they're accurate.

1,815,523 ダウンロード

traject 3.3.0

An easy to use, high-performance, flexible and extensible metadata transformation syste...

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yell-rails 2.0.0

Yell - Your Extensible Logging Library. Define multiple adapters, various log level com...

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yell-adapters-syslog 2.0.2

Syslog adapter for Yell

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yell-adapters-gelf 2.1.0

Graylog2 adapter for Yell

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occi-core 5.0.4

The rOCCI toolkit is a collection of classes simplifying implementation of Open Cloud C...

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yell-adapters-fluentd 1.0.5

Fluentd adapter for Yell

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wss_agent 18.10.3

White Source agent to sync gems

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volley 0.1.25

PubSub Deployment tool

45,700 ダウンロード

transrate 1.0.1

a library and command-line tool for quality assessment of de-novo transcriptome assemblies

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rabbit-wq 2.3.0

A work queue built on RabbitMQ and Celluloid. See README for more details.

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bellbro 0.3.1

Helps with sidekiq.

27,313 ダウンロード

mystro-common 0.3.3

common functionality for Mystro

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cottontail 2.0.0

Convenience wrapper around the AMQP Bunny gem to better handle routing_key specific mes...

21,048 ダウンロード

epodder 0.0.13

Ruby re-do of hpodder

17,786 ダウンロード

servitude 2.0.0

A set of utilities to aid in building multithreaded Ruby servers utilizing Celluloid. ...

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has_active_logger 0.0.7


12,597 ダウンロード

zabbix-monitor 0.0.10

Zabbix application monitoring

11,888 ダウンロード

comfy 0.2.14

Tool for building virtual machine images from scratch.

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nagios-promoo 1.7.1

Nagios Probes for Monitoring OpenNebula and OCCI

10,594 ダウンロード

nifty 0.2.12

A tool for uploading and registering cloud appliances in OpenNebula.

9,879 ダウンロード

acception-subscriber 1.1.0

A RabbitMQ subscriber that pushes messages to Acception's API. See README for more det...

9,756 ダウンロード

berta 2.1.1

Berta will check all VMs on OpenNebula cloud for expiration date

9,712 ダウンロード

cloudkeeper 2.0.0

Synchronize cloud appliances between AppDB and cloud platforms

9,532 ダウンロード

marc_alephsequential 2.0.0

A ruby-marc reader for Aleph sequential files, a MARC serialization supported by Ex Lib...

8,167 ダウンロード

traject_alephsequential_reader 1.1.2

A basic traject reader to process Ex Libris's AlephSequential format on input

7,934 ダウンロード

cloudkeeper-one 2.0.0

OpenNebula backend for cloudkeeper

7,564 ダウンロード

leeroy_app 0.5.4

Leeroy is a framework and CLI app that captures common features required at various poi...

7,218 ダウンロード

imagemaster3000 0.9.0

Downloading and slight modification of cloud images

7,178 ダウンロード

cheripic 1.2.7

a library and commandline tool to pick causative mutation from bulks segregant sequencing

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