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  1. 6,171 downloads
    buildlights (0.0.4) build monitor that will trigger lights via x10
  2. 301 downloads
    build_log_parser (0.1.3) Parses various build metrics from builds logs (Rspec, Test::Unit, etc)
  3. 17,906 downloads
    BuildMaster (1.1.12) A project that hosts a series of scripts to be used for project release and depolyment, static we...
  4. 520 downloads
    build_me_an_api (0.0.1) A tool that allows you to build an API very easy, giving you a working API template that you can ...
  5. 33,306 downloads
    buildmeister (3.0.5) Dead simple tools for managing Lighthouse and Git deployment workflow.
  6. 1,360 downloads
    buildozer (1.0.1) Buildozer is an application that aims to ease the building and packaging of software. ...
  7. 599 downloads
    buildpack-utils (1.0.0) Provides a set of utilities for use in Cloud Foundry buildpacks
  8. 180,569 downloads
    buildr (1.4.15) Apache Buildr is a build system for Java-based applications, including support for Scala, Groovy ...
  9. 1,980 downloads
    Buildr (0.17.0) A build system that doesn't suck
  10. 9,803 downloads
    buildr4osgi (0.9.6) A plugin for adding OSGi support to Buildr. Ever dreamt you could resolve your OSGi dependencies ?
  11. 6,106 downloads
    buildr-ajc (1.0.3) java ajc compiler for buildr
  12. 251 downloads
    buildr-appengine (0.1.0) Provides buildr support for deploying to Google AppEngine
  13. 51,433 downloads
    buildr-as3 (0.2.19) Build like you code - now supporting ActionScript 3 & Flex
  14. 9,532 downloads
    buildr-bnd (0.0.6) This is a buildr extension for packaging OSGi bundles using Bnd.
  15. 8,296 downloads
    buildrdeb (1.0.1) A buildr plugin contributing a new packaging method to package your project as a .deb file.
  16. 1,378 downloads
    buildr-dependency-extensions (0.2) A Buildr extension that enables transitive dependency resolution by default
  17. 3,284 downloads
    buildr-examples (0.0.2) Examples using Apache Buildr.
  18. 4,501 downloads
    buildr-findBugs (0.1.1) Adds a task to help run FindBugs over your code.
  19. 5,338 downloads
    buildr-gemjar (1.1.0) Provides buildr support for packaging gems in a JAR for JRuby
  20. 326 downloads
    buildr-html5 (0.0.1.pre) Build like you code - now supporting HTML, JS and CSS
  21. 7,236 downloads
    buildr-hx (0.0.1.pre) Build like you code - now supporting haXe
  22. 16,283 downloads
    buildr-iidea (0.0.10) This is a buildr extension that provides tasks to generate Intellij IDEA project files. The iidea...
  23. 1,656 downloads
    buildr-ipojo (0.0.1) This is a buildr extension that processes OSGi bundles using the iPojo "pojoization" tool that ge...
  24. 5,346 downloads
    buildrizpack (0.2.1) A buildr plugin contributing a new packaging method to package your project as a IzPack installer.
  25. 8,783 downloads
    buildr-jaxb-xjc (0.0.1) This is a buildr extension that tasks to execute the XJC binding compiler.
  26. 2,494 downloads
    buildr-mirah (0.2.0) Use buildr to compile your mirah projects
  27. 1,806 downloads
    buildr-package-as-exe (1.0.0) A plugin for creating .exe installers with Buildr and makeNSIS. You still are in full control, cr...
  28. 25,337 downloads
    buildr-resolver (0.4.8) Java dependency resolver for Buildr using Maven's Aether
  29. 1,822 downloads
    buildr-tomcat (0.0.2) Provides the ability to run a war-packaged artifact using an embedded Tomcat.
  30. 12,585 downloads
    build_status_server (0.17) A build notifier server for Jenkins CI that controls an XFD over HTTP