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  1. 187 downloads
    call_sign (0.0.1) Handle and process ITU Call Signs
  2. 309,912 downloads
    callsite (0.0.11) Caller/backtrace parser with some useful utilities for manipulating the load path, and doing othe...
  3. 213 downloads
    call_sp (0.0.3) "ActiveRecord extensions for PostgreSQL. Provides useful tools for working with stored procedures."
  4. 1,728 downloads
    callstack (0.0.2) A simple extension to add better stack traces to Ruby 1.8 (based on
  5. 3,252 downloads
    call_stack ( call_stack can be used to obtain backtrace information in a running program. It also contains a n...
  6. 1,770 downloads
    call_super (0.0.4) Cause Object#inherited, Module#extended, Module#extend_object, Module#included, Module#append_fea...
  7. 1,889 downloads
    callwith (0.0.2) Object#callwith is like instance_eval, but can still delegate back to the original object if a me...
  8. 1,153 downloads
    call_with_params (0.0.2) Call a Proc with an arbitrary number of params. The Proc will only be passed the number of argume...
  9. 742 downloads
    calm (0.0.1) Publish objects on the web.
  10. 4,094 downloads
    CalMon (0.0.5) With a JSON-RPC server, client services via a myriad of language options, including bash+nc, rub...
  11. 6,221 downloads
    calorie (0.0.5) A simple ruby calendar display mechanism.
  12. 6,060 downloads
    caltrain (0.1) A command line tool to easily figure out when the next caltrain leaves.
  13. 801 downloads
    calvin (0.0.1) Very terse programming language, inspired by APL/J/K.
  14. 1,117 downloads
    cam (0.0.1) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  15. 420 downloads
    camalian (0.0.1) Library used to deal with colors and images
  16. 1,608 downloads
    camaraderie (0.2.1) Camaraderie takes away the pain of managing membership stuff between users and organizations.
  17. 2,222 downloads
    camaras_valencia_es (0.0.2) A RESTful wrapper to the RESTful-like API at to access traffic CCTV in...
  18. 2,780 downloads
    camayoc (0.2.0) Inspired by logging frameworks, Camayoc makes it easy to track events and send stats fro...
  19. 3,694 downloads
    cambelt (0.1.1) This gem makes it simple to embed images within your code with a nice Ruby DSL.
  20. 970 downloads
    cambio (0.1.0) A simple wrapper for the Open Exchange Rates API
  21. 6,424 downloads
    cambric (0.9.0) Opinionated management and usage of CouchDB from your Ruby apps.
  22. 1,032 downloads
    cambridge (0.0.1) A stack-based language to demo
  23. 4,062 downloads
    camcapture (0.3.0-i686-linux) Camera/Webcam capture using Video4Linux interface. Compatible with Ruby Threads.
  24. 365 downloads
    camdict (1.0.2) Get definitions, pronunciation and example sentences of a word or phrase from the online Cambridg...
  25. 3,242 downloads
    cameleon (0.1.6) Cameleon is HTTP mock server framework based on Rack. You can easily create HTTP server for mocku...
  26. 53,249 downloads
    camellia (2.7.0-x86-linux) Image Processing & Computer Vision library
  27. 3,666 downloads
    camellia-rb (1.2) description of gem
  28. 1,591 downloads
    camelot (0.1.0) Télécharge tous les fichiers de l'édition PDF du quotidien Le Devoir. Je le lance quotidiennement...
  29. 2,101 downloads
    camelpunch-markup_validity (1.1.1) MarkupValidity provides test/unit and rspec helpers for checking the validity of your documents. ...
  30. 1,705 downloads
    camelpunch-rest-client (1.1.0) A simple REST client for Ruby, inspired by the Sinatra microframework style of specifying actions...