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  1. 784 downloads
    codelines (0.3.1) Count the number of lines of code contained in one or more repositories hosted on GitHub, Bitbuck...
  2. 386 downloads
    code_lister (0.0.6) List/filter files similar to 'find' command in Linux/Unix based system
  3. 10,450 downloads
    codemerger (0.3.2) This gem is used to help writing technical posts for wordpress. \ The output is copied and paste...
  4. 53,702 downloads
    code_metrics (0.1.3) rake stats is great for looking at statistics on your code, displaying things like KLOCs (thousan...
  5. 106,906 downloads
    codemirror-rails (4.0) This gem provides CodeMirror assets for your Rails 3 application.
  6. 1,450 downloads
    codemodels (0.2.7-java) Library to build models of code of different languages in a uniform way.
  7. 931 downloads
    codemodels-html (0.1.3-java) CodeModels for HTML
  8. 1,093 downloads
    codemodels-java (0.2.3-java) Plugin of codemodels to build models from Ruby code. See
  9. 251 downloads
    codemodels-javaparserwrapper (0.0.1-java) Code to wrap parsers written in Java and produce models suitable to be used in CodeModels
  10. 717 downloads
    codemodels-js (0.1.0) Building codemodels of Javascript files
  11. 254 downloads
    codemodels-properties (0.0.1-java) CodeModels plugin for properties files.
  12. 608 downloads
    codemodels-ruby (0.1.6-java) Plugin of codemodels to build models from Ruby code. See
  13. 253 downloads
    codemodels-xml (0.1.2-java) CodeModels plugin for XML files.
  14. 2,318 downloads
    codename (1.1.0) Codename gem randomly generate codename based on list of names. Supported names: * stars ...
  15. 609 downloads
    codenjoy-ruby-client (0.0.2) Simple ruby codenjoy client.
  16. 4,876 downloads
    code_node (0.1.4) Create Class and Module graphs for Ruby projects
  17. 344 downloads
    code_notes (0.0.1) code notes task extracted from Rails
  18. 803 downloads
    code_output (0.0.1) Inject a script output into the source file as comments.
  19. 3,578 downloads
    codepath (0.0.3) This gem is provides the tiny class used by the plugin codepath.vim. Please take a look at http:/...
  20. 7,678 downloads
    codependency (2.3.2) A pure ruby, comment-based dependency graph
  21. 8,117 downloads
    codeplane (0.1.4) Client library and CLI to handle Git repositories on Codeplane.
  22. 581 downloads
    code_poetry (0.1.0) Analyzes the code of your Rails app and generates a straightforward HTML report.
  23. 768 downloads
    code_poetry-html (0.2.0) Default HTML formatter for CodePoetry
  24. 1,220 downloads
    codeprimate-cancan (1.6.5) Simple authorization solution for Rails which is decoupled from user roles. All permissions are s...
  25. 21,515 downloads
    coder (0.4.0) handle encodings, no matter what
  26. 7,913,028 downloads
    coderay (1.1.0) Fast and easy syntax highlighting for selected languages, written in Ruby. Comes with RedCloth in...
  27. 16,160 downloads
    coderay_bash (1.0.5) Bash highlighting for coderay. This gem was tested with coderay 1.0 and won't work with coderay <...
  28. 1,678 downloads
    coderay-beta (0.9.1) CodeRay is a Ruby library for syntax highlighting. I try to make CodeRay easy to use and intu...
  29. 389 downloads
    coderay_erlang (0.0.1) A erlang highlighter for coderay
  30. 2,716 downloads
    coderbits (1.0.0) Simple wrapper for the Coderbits API