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  1. 3,079 downloads
    config_file (0.0.3) Gem for quickly reading from config files
  2. 3,979 downloads
    config-file-loader (0.1.2) simple way to load erb yaml config files. based upon
  3. 12,771 downloads
    configfiles (0.5.0) A simple library to specify the format of configuration files and the way to turn them into Ruby ...
  4. 1,889 downloads
    config_fu (0.1.3) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  5. 1,197 downloads
    config_fun (0.4.0) does your gem or project require configuration? This will make creating and parsing configuratio...
  6. 1,575 downloads
    configger (0.0.1) A gem to simplify configuaration Loading
  7. 2,313 downloads
    configgler (0.1.4) Get data from your config files in different ways
  8. 2,177 downloads
    configgy (0.6) config file parser for ruby
  9. 944 downloads
    configict (0.0.1) YAML config loader with checking conflict from example
  10. 1,922 downloads
    configify (0.0.2) Really simple configuration
  11. 42,369 downloads
    configit (0.1.3) The purpose of this gem is to make it very easy to consume configuration files and define them.
  12. 1,614 downloads
    config_leaf (0.0.2) ConfigLeaf allows an object to be configured using a terse syntax like Object#instance_eval, whil...
  13. 15,481 downloads
    configlet (2.1.1) A stupid simple wrapper for environment variables. This doesn't deserve to be released as a gem,...
  14. 405,408 downloads
    configliere (0.4.18) You've got a script. It's got some settings. Some settings are for this module, some are for that...
  15. 11,634 downloads
    configloader (0.3.2) If you need to create a custom config file for you project, ConfigLoader will help you to load th...
  16. 1,676 downloads
    config_loader (1.0.0) Configuration files loader
  17. 2,010 downloads
    config_logic (0.1.1) An intuitive configuration access layer
  18. 1,240 downloads
    configly (0.0.1) My server configuration wrapped up in a gem
  19. 1,117 downloads
    config_man (0.0.1) Simplifies repetitive work of parsing configuration files
  20. 2,526 downloads
    configmanager (0.0.3) ConfigManager can load properties from YAML or Java style property files. Properties can have ref...
  21. 5,221 downloads
    config-me (0.0.8) Provides convenient tool for storing configuration
  22. 6,304 downloads
    config_module (1.1.1) Wrap a configuration file in a module for easy use throughout your application. Inspired by Rails.
  23. 4,435 downloads
    config_newton (0.1.1) Library authors can now easily add class-level configuration including YAML loading with just a f...
  24. 3,922 downloads
    config_object (1.0.0) A configuration gem which is simple to use but full of awesome features.
  25. 8,911 downloads
    configoro (1.3.0) Creates a YourApp::Configuration object whose methods are generated from environment-specific YAM...
  26. 2,679 downloads
    configparser (0.1.2) parses configuration files compatable with Python's ConfigParser
  27. 14,502 downloads
    config_parser (0.5.5) Parse command-line options into a configuration hash
  28. 3,071 downloads
    config-parser (0.2.0) Parsing an options.yml file into a Hash with convenience methods like overwriting variables per R...
  29. 7,752 downloads
    configr (1.0.1) Configr aims to provide a clean interface to configuring and reading a set of configuration value...
  30. 818 downloads
    config-rc (0.0.1) Opinionated configuration library. Reads from config file, command line option and environment va...