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  1. 3,925 downloads
    config_object (1.0.0) A configuration gem which is simple to use but full of awesome features.
  2. 8,932 downloads
    configoro (1.3.0) Creates a YourApp::Configuration object whose methods are generated from environment-specific YAM...
  3. 2,727 downloads
    configparser (0.1.2) parses configuration files compatable with Python's ConfigParser
  4. 14,520 downloads
    config_parser (0.5.5) Parse command-line options into a configuration hash
  5. 3,077 downloads
    config-parser (0.2.0) Parsing an options.yml file into a Hash with convenience methods like overwriting variables per R...
  6. 7,761 downloads
    configr (1.0.1) Configr aims to provide a clean interface to configuring and reading a set of configuration value...
  7. 821 downloads
    config-rc (0.0.1) Opinionated configuration library. Reads from config file, command line option and environment va...
  8. 2,433 downloads
    configreader (0.0.2) ConfigReader provides an easy way to load up your configuration YAML files into Ruby objects, ...
  9. 21,108 downloads
    config_reader (1.0.0) Provides a way to manage environment specific configuration settings.
  10. 293 downloads
    config-role (0.0.1.alpha) Configure your objects
  11. 14,458 downloads
    configru (3.6.0) YAML configuration file loader
  12. 6,889 downloads
    configs (1.1.0) Easy (easier?) management of config/*.yml files. Defines a lookup priority for the current enviro...
  13. 484 downloads
    config_scripts (0.4.2) Library for creating trackable config scripts, and reading and writing seed data into spreadsheets
  14. 1,440 downloads
    config_set (0.1.4) ConfigSet is the only configuration utility you'll ever need for your app, ever
  15. 4,842 downloads
    config_spartan (1.0.1) Super simple application configuration gem
  16. 2,808 downloads
    configspec (0.1.1) A simple configuration management tool powered by RSpec
  17. 2,472 downloads
    configster (0.0.3) Configster is a tidy little configuration management utility for your application. Store your co...
  18. 3,465 downloads
    config-store (0.3.3) Config-store helps you manage your projects configs, so you can easily plug and reuse them.
  19. 53,467 downloads
    configtoolkit (2.3.2) Are you tired of writing custom code to parse and represent every new configuration file utilized...
  20. 428 downloads
    configue (0.1.3) Configue is a simple configuration solution.
  21. 12,431 downloads
    configulations (0.2.2) Auto-create configuration objects for your applications from yml and json files.
  22. 3,187 downloads
    configura (0.1.1) Simple config management for simple short-order scripts
  23. 21,912 downloads
    configurability (2.1.2) Configurability is a unified, unintrusive, assume-nothing configuration system for Ruby. It lets ...
  24. 16,378 downloads
    configurable (1.0.0) Configurable adds methods to declare class configurations. Configurations are inheritable, delega...
  25. 32,945 downloads
    configurable_engine (0.3.2) Configurable is a Rails 3 engine that allows you to set up config variables in a config file, spe...
  26. 485 downloads
    configural (0.0.1) Easy configuration file management
  27. 25,785 downloads
    configurate (0.0.8) Configurate is a flexible configuration system that can read settings from multiple sources at th...
  28. 963,221 downloads
    configuration (1.3.4) ruby configuration for your ruby programs
  29. 769 downloads
    configuration-blocks (1.0.0) Easy way of adding configuration blocks to classes, modules and applications.
  30. 1,477 downloads
    configuration_dsl (0.2.0) Easily configure a class (or object) with a DSL.