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  1. 7,747 downloads
    connfu-client (0.1.6) This gem provides a smooth access to connFu capabilities
  2. 3,915 downloads
    connie (0.1.1) Heavily based on Forgery it uses the same word sources. It's built to be a bit more customisable ...
  3. 634 downloads
    connpass (0.0.1) A Ruby wrapper for the connpass API
  4. 237 downloads
    conpar (0.1.3) Full-featured firewall configuration parser library.
  5. 805 downloads
    conquest (0.0.1) Gathers data from Serebii's Pokemon Conquest page and uses it to generate ARDS codes.
  6. 1,554 downloads
    conquest-gtk (0.2) A graphical front-end to the conquest gem.
  7. 2,280 downloads
    conrad_filer (0.0.2) PRE-ALPHA - Do not use! Think of it as applying a firewall ruleset to file management.
  8. 19,778 downloads
    conred (0.3.0) Gem to remove repetative tasks
  9. 27,563 downloads
    consadole_aggregator (0.2.14) aggregates infomation of 'Consadole Sapporo'
  10. 1,099 downloads
    conscience (0.0.0) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  11. 2,565 downloads
    conscript (0.2.4) Provides ActiveRecord models with draft instances, including associations
  12. 398 downloads
    consensus (0.0.2) A data transfer object that can have lazy attributes.
  13. 1,488 downloads
    consignment (0.0.0) A software model in Ruby for the greenhouse gas emissions of a consignment
  14. 11,851 downloads
    consistency_fail (0.3.2) With more than one application server, validates_uniqueness_of becomes a lie. Two app servers -> ...
  15. 5,106 downloads
    consistent_company (0.0.7) Ruby C Extension to normalize a company name. Useful when company names come from various sources.
  16. 5,945 downloads
    consistent_hashing (0.1.1) An implementation of consistent hashing, and a subclass of MemCache (from the memcache-client gem...
  17. 12,541 downloads
    consistent-hashing (1.0.0) a Consistent Hashing implementation in pure Ruby using an AVL Tree
  18. 3,332 downloads
    consistent_hashr (1.1.0) A simple gem to perform consistent hashing
  19. 1,540 downloads
    consistent_schema_rb (0.1.0) Orders columns from the active record adapters so the schema dumper will produce a consistent sch...
  20. 413 downloads
    consistent_schema_rb-apartment (0.0.1) This allows consistent_schema_rb to be used with apartment
  21. 1,254 downloads
    consolation (0.0.2) JRuby wrapper to make ncurses guis a bit easier to rustle up
  22. 13,274 downloads
    console (0.5) Console is a helper class for displaying super-ASCII strings on the console. Console is needed wh...
  23. 6,495 downloads
    consoleappsupport (0.6.2) The ConsoleAppSupport module provides some commonly-desired behavior for command-line programs: c...
  24. 1,083 downloads
    console-cf-plugin (0.2.0) Port of rails-console to cf-ng.
  25. 7,732 downloads
    console_color (0.0.2) Add color-coded app and environment information to the Rails console prompt.
  26. 1,270 downloads
    console-colors (0.0.2) color string output in console
  27. 751 downloads
    console_command (0.0.2) This Rails plugin is enable to add command easily to `rails console` even if it is using which of...
  28. 1,517 downloads
    console_editor (0.0.5) Use vim (or any other text editor) from a console app.
  29. 1,174 downloads
    consolefm (0.1) A gem that communicates with and returns information on all the popular songs on the s...
  30. 1,016 downloads
    console-glitter (0.1.4) Tools for building nice looking CLI applications