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  1. 3,256 downloads
    css_naked (1.0.2) This plugin makes a Rails application strip off the stylesheets during the CSS Naked Day event. I...
  2. 25,128 downloads
    csso-rails (0.3.4) Invoke the CSSO from Ruby
  3. 969,870 downloads
    css_parser (1.3.5) A set of classes for parsing CSS in Ruby.
  4. 1,574 downloads
    css_parser_1.1.0 (1.1.0) A set of classes for parsing CSS in Ruby.
  5. 1,745 downloads
    css_parser_master (1.2.4) Parse a CSS file and access/operate on rulesets, selectors, declarations etc. Includes specificit...
  6. 1,971 downloads
    cssplop (0.1.1) Inline CSS declarations into HTML element attributes.
  7. 30,977 downloads
    csspool (3.0.2) CSSPool is a CSS parser. CSSPool provides a SAC interface for parsing CSS as well as a document ...
  8. 11,187 downloads
    csspool-st (3.1.2) Fork of CSSPool. CSSPool is a CSS parser. CSSPool provides a SAC interface for parsing CSS as we...
  9. 6,069 downloads
    csspress (0.0.4) Strip white space and comments from CSS as well as a little optimization.
  10. 10,939 downloads
    css_press (0.3.2) Ruby gem for compressing CSS
  11. 3,072 downloads
    css_primer (0.2) Takes in a markup file (html/xml) and creates a CSS file with a reference to classes/ids.
  12. 603 downloads
    cssquirt (0.0.1) Embeds images (or directories of images) directly into CSS via the Data URI scheme.
  13. 1,241 downloads
    css_selector (1.0.0) Filtering STDIN by CSS Selector
  14. 1,192 downloads
    css_shapes (0.8.0) SCSS library for shapes. Sources:, ...
  15. 2,919 downloads
    css-slideshow (0.2.0) a css-only slideshow implementation for compass
  16. 3,302 downloads
    css-snippets (0.0.3) Gem contains stylesheets and rails helpers which provides simple way to add useful css snippets t...
  17. 1,810 downloads
    css-social-buttons-rails (0.0.2) Zocial Buttons support a lot of social icons. This gem is used for seamless integration of those ...
  18. 1,433 downloads
    css_sortor (0.0.2) Fantasy CSS Sort Out Method.
  19. 26,893 downloads
    css_splitter (0.2.0) Gem for splitting up stylesheets that go beyond the IE limit of 4095 selectors, for Rails 3.1+ ap...
  20. 38,110 downloads
    css_sprite (2.3.0) css_sprite is a rails plugin/gem to generate css sprite image automatically.
  21. 2,891 downloads
    css-spriter (1.0.1) CSS-Spriter is a pure ruby PNG spriting library. It can be used standalone or as a Rails plugin, ...
  22. 241 downloads
    csstainable_grid (0.0.1) Generate a world-class SASS grid from the command line.
  23. 2,575 downloads
    csstats (1.0.3) Gem which handle csstats.dat file generated by CSX module in AMX Mod X (
  24. 2,772 downloads
    css_toolkit (1.4) Provides some tools to minify and compress CSS files - Ruby ports of the YUI CSS Compressor and C...
  25. 1,253 downloads
    csstree (0.0.1) Ultra-simple CSS parser.
  26. 1,612 downloads
    css_tt (0.0.3) Dead simple pure CSS based tooltips for Rails
  27. 152 downloads
    css_validator (2.0.0) ActiveModel Validation for CSS
  28. 3,324 downloads
    css_views (0.5.3) Allow you to create css.erb views, and use helpers and the like in them
  29. 10,680 downloads
    csswaxer (0.0.8) CSS Waxer refactors CSS files bringing the focus on properties, rather than on selectors. Typical...
  30. 1,606 downloads
    csteamer (0.1.0) CSteamer "steams" your content for data you can use in an organized way, such as a summary/first ...