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  1. 1,545 downloads
    ebs_snapshot_cleanup (0.5.0) Command-line utility to clean up EBS snapshots
  2. 4,526 downloads
    ebs-snapshoter (0.1.4) Provides EBS snapshot automation that can be configured and run on an EC2 instance.
  3. 764 downloads
    ebs_snapshotter (0.0.2) Snapshot EBS volumes on AWS
  4. 3,018 downloads
    ebuilder (0.0.2) Simple tool for building Erlang/OTP projects
  5. 446 downloads
    ebx (0.0.2) eb eXtended
  6. 765 downloads
    ebx_deliver (0.0.2) eb eXtended cross region db command distributor
  7. 1,658 downloads
    ec2-api-proxy (0.1.3) ec2-api-proxy is a proxy server for EC2 API.
  8. 315 downloads
    ec2-backup (1.0.0) Automate backups of your infrastructure dynamically via AWS EC2 Tagging and Snapshots
  9. 4,039 downloads
    ec2-blackout (0.0.8) ec2-blackout is a command line tool to shutdown EC2 instances. It's main purpos...
  10. 991 downloads
    ec2cli (0.1.1) ec2cli is an interactive command-line client of Amazon EC2.
  11. 951 downloads
    ec2-clusterssh (0.1.0) Use instance tags to launch a ClusterSSH session to multiple EC2 instances.
  12. 8,058 downloads
    ec2-consistent-snapshot-rb (0.4.0) Ported from ec2-consistent-snapshot (
  13. 793 downloads
    ec2-copy-snapshot (0.1.0) Script to copy an EC2 snapshot between regions
  14. 525 downloads
    ec2cssh (0.0.1) Cluster SSH connect to pattern mached hosts (Connected by cssh) (Hosts in ssh config written by e...
  15. 12,336 downloads
    ec2dream (3.7.2) == DESCRIPTION: Build and Manage Cloud Servers == FEATURES: EC2Dream combines Fog, Ruby, into ...
  16. 566 downloads
    ec2-elastic-autofailover (0.0.1) Pings a URL(elastic) if it goes down it shifts elastic ip to another instance
  17. 13,663 downloads
    ec2-instance (0.0.11) Monkey patch some amazon-ec2 gem classes and modules to handle common operations.
  18. 7,362 downloads
    ec2-instance-manager (0.4.0) Launches EC2 instances for multiple AWS accounts
  19. 393 downloads
    ec2_ip_ranges (1.0.2) Check if an IP Address belongs to the Public IP Address Ranges for Amazon EC2
  20. 52,639 downloads
    ec2launcher (1.7.5) Tool to manage application configurations and launch new EC2 instances based on the configurations.
  21. 4,269 downloads
    ec2manage (0.0.3) ec2manage is a command line tool for managing EC2 instances. It's main goal is to provide the sa...
  22. 1,579 downloads
    ec2meta (0.1) ec2 instance metadata wrapper for ruby
  23. 6,792 downloads
    ec2-metadata (0.2.2) ec2-metadata provides to access metadata, and you can use in outside of ec2 like in ec2
  24. 1,424 downloads
    ec2-mini (0.0.3) ec2-mini
  25. 1,632 downloads
    ec2_name (0.1.1) Quick way to tag the name of the instance so that it shows up on aws console.
  26. 19,718 downloads
    ec2onrails ( Client-side libraries (Capistrano tasks) for managing and deploying to 'EC2 on Rails' servers.
  27. 1,689 downloads
    ec2onrails-experimental (0.9.11) Deploy a Ruby on Rails app on EC2 in five minutes. EC2 on Rails is an Ubuntu Linux server image ...
  28. 1,624 downloads
    ec2onrails-multiapp (0.9.11) Ec2onrails fork to allow multiple apps to be deployed on one EC2 instance
  29. 4,245 downloads
    ec2onrails-xtreme-head (0.0.7) Deploy a Ruby on Rails app on EC2 in five minutes. EC2 on Rails is an Ubuntu Linux s...
  30. 247 downloads
    ec2_pricing (0.0.2) Retrieves up-to-date pricing information for all types of Amazon EC2 instances.