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  1. 12,529 downloads
    ec2-rotate-volume-snapshots (0.7.0) Provides a simple way to rotate EC2 snapshots with configurable retention periods.
  2. 3,065 downloads
    ec2select (0.0.3) Resets your env EC2 variables via a quick command-line.
  3. 1,134 downloads
    ec2_setup (0.1.1) Setup an EC2 instance running Amazon Linux to be a Rails webserver.
  4. 5,008 downloads
    ec2-signature (0.0.5) AWS EC2 API generates signatures to authenticate. This will generate one that is compatible even...
  5. 1,775 downloads
    ec2-snapshot (0.1) EC2 EBS Volume Snapshotting
  6. 8,200 downloads
    ec2ssh (2.0.7) ec2ssh is a ssh_config manager for AWS EC2
  7. 4,456 downloads
    EC2ssh (0.1.6) Since ec2 instance public hostnames are dynamic, and not easy to remember or type, this script pr...
  8. 927 downloads
    ec2-starter (0.1.0) Very simple EC2 instance starter for single server deployments
  9. 8,925 downloads
    ec2_tools (0.3.3) ec2 manage commands
  10. 8,245 downloads
    ec2_ultradns_updater (0.0.10) Update your UltraDNS configured CNAMEs to point to EC2 instance public hostnames
  11. 720 downloads
    ec2-usage-report (0.1.0) ec2-usage-report is a library for acquiring usage report of EC2.
  12. 5,550 downloads
    ec2_userdata (1.3) A simple Ruby library that reads UserData on EC2 with graceful fallback when not running on EC2
  13. 561 downloads
    ec2-userdata-builder (0.0.1) Toolset for creating user-data for EC2 instances."
  14. 2,477 downloads
    ecart (1.0.0) Setup a fully functional e-commerce cart
  15. 9,012 downloads
    ecb (0.0.44) Various utility commands for building eBay mobile Core
  16. 1,008 downloads
    ecb-currency_converter (0.2.0) Currency Conversion using the European Central Bank's Euro foreign exchange reference rates.
  17. 4,376 downloads
    ecc_cebu (0.0.3) A simple ecc gem for demo
  18. 873 downloads
    ecconnect_rails (0.0.5) Ecconnect rails gem for easy integration with ECommerceConnect
  19. 826 downloads
    ecdsa (1.0.0) This gem implements the Ellipctic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA) almost entirely in pu...
  20. 2,900 downloads
    ecfs (0.2.2) ECFS provides a set of utilities for scraping FCC rulemakings
  21. 8,927 downloads
    echelon (1.0.3) RubyGem to give quick access to Theme Park queue times (Alton Towers, Disney World Animal Kingdom...
  22. 871 downloads
    echelon_chef (0.0.1) Chef interaction helper
  23. 33,008 downloads
    echi-converter (0.4.4) Provides a utility to fetch Avaya CMS / ECHI binary files, convert them and insert into a databas...
  24. 5,921 downloads
    echinoidea (0.0.9) echinoidea is a command line unity project build helper.
  25. 1,996 downloads
    echo (0.0.0) Echo is a test double for API interactions that learns from the real API. In its simplest use cas...
  26. 12,009 downloads
    echo_base (0.2.1) Generates everything you need to get moving fas
  27. 4,389 downloads
    echocas-client (2.1.3) Client library for the Central Authentication Service (CAS) protocol. (this version specially pre...
  28. 2,884 downloads
    echo-connector (0.0.3) Echo360 API Connector for Ruby
  29. 209,760 downloads
    echoe (4.6.5) A Rubygems packaging tool that provides Rake tasks for documentation, extension compiling, testin...
  30. 281 downloads
    echo_lazy_loader (0.0.1) Gem for loading images lazily using echo js library