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  1. 1,748 downloads
    errorkit (0.3.2) ErrorKit allows you to track errors within your application and generate a notification when they...
  2. 3,987 downloads
    error-locator (0.0.6) Set $EDITOR environment variable to your desired editor, add 'error-locator' gem to your gem file...
  3. 6,764 downloads
    error_log (0.0.7) Who cares about description, nobody reads it anyway.
  4. 520 downloads
    error_merger (0.2.0) Enhances the Error class on ActiveModel-compliant models with merge() and full_sentences() methods.
  5. 1,443 downloads
    error_message_for_mobile (0.1.0) error_message_on for japanese mobile-phone
  6. 1,533 downloads
    error_message_on (0.0.12) Single error message for Rails Form
  7. 19,134 downloads
    error_messages (0.3.0) Provides some default style and images to give the error and flash messages a nice look a...
  8. 1,830 downloads
    error_messages_for (1.0.4) Overrides the default error_messages_for helper and extends it to make it useful. It adds the abi...
  9. 3,355 downloads
    error_messages_for_helper (1.1.1) error_messages_for_helper provides a simple helper to show ActiveRecord validation errors (just l...
  10. 1,787 downloads
    error_notifier (0.0.5) Post errors to an http server
  11. 9,035 downloads
    errornot_notifier (1.1.1) Send your application errors to a hosted service and reclaim your inbox.
  12. 5,282 downloads
    error_pages (0.0.5) Generate error pages with layout and internationalization in your Rails application
  13. 575 downloads
    error_pages_engine (1.0.0) Error pages are dynamically served by the included ErrorsController
  14. 811 downloads
    error_prone (0.1.1) ErrorProne lets you choose where, when, and how to validate data without tying you to ORMs or app...
  15. 1,077 downloads
    errors_for (0.0.1) This is used to aid on migrations of projects from rails projects 2.x to 3+ versions by providing...
  16. 598 downloads
    errorspray (0.0.2) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  17. 938 downloads
    errors-renderer (0.0.2) This rubygem does not have a description or summary.
  18. 1,170 downloads
    errorstack (0.0.1) Allows you to easily integrate ErrorStack into your ruby application. (see
  19. 5,009 downloads
    error_stalker (0.0.16) Logs exceptions to a pluggable backend. Also provides a server for centralized exception logging ...
  20. 77,944 downloads
    errplane (1.0.15) This gem provides implements instrumentation with Errplane for Rails 2.3.x and 3.x applications.
  21. 10,881 downloads
    errship (2.2.0) Errship is a Rails 3.1 engine for rendering error pages inside your layout. It supports i18n, cus...
  22. 2,013 downloads
    errship3 (3.0.2) Errship3 is a Rails 3.2 engine for rendering error pages inside your layout. It supports i18n, cu...
  23. 685 downloads
    errship3-bootstrap (3.0.1) Errship3 is a Rails 3.2 engine for rendering error pages inside your layout. It supports i18n, cu...
  24. 13,751 downloads
    err_supply (0.2.2) Simple, beautiful error messages for Rails. Err_supply unpacks and rekeys the standard Rails erro...
  25. 26,019,736 downloads
    erubis (2.7.0) Erubis is an implementation of eRuby and has the following features: * Very fast, almost thr...
  26. 959 downloads
    erubis-auto (1.0.1) Rails style output safety/escaping for Erubis
  27. 676 downloads
    erubis_for_rails23 (0.1.1) A simple gem which can resolve some compatibility issues when using Erubis in Rails 2.3
  28. 3,597 downloads
    erubis_rails_helper (1.0.0) Drop in replacement for the Rails integration in the Erubis gem so that Erubis will work with Rai...
  29. 487 downloads
    erv (0.0.2) erv-0.0.2
  30. 3,303 downloads
    es (0.0.8) Simple wrapper for elasticsearch