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  1. 7,567 downloads
    exacto_subscriber (0.2.2) Manage Exact Target List subscribers: more coming
  2. 6,561 downloads
    exacttarget (0.1.3) ExactTarget is a client system for communicating with the ExactTarget email system. The client su...
  3. 1,097 downloads
    exact_target (0.0.1) Exact Target S4 ("Enterprise 2.0") API wrapper, using Savon.
  4. 21,907 downloads
    exact-target (0.1.8) This is a pure-ruby implementation of the ExactTarget api. For more information consule http://ww...
  5. 2,507 downloads
    exact-target-api (0.0.5) ExactTarget API wrapper
  6. 10,784 downloads
    exact_target_sdk (0.8.0) Provides an easy-to-use ruby interface into the ExactTarget SOAP API, using the Savon client.
  7. 6,958 downloads
    exalted_math (0.2.2) Parsing and evaluation of simple maths expressions for Exalted This intended to aid in evaluatin...
  8. 762 downloads
    exam (0.0.1) A test suite runner for ruby.
  9. 2,331 downloads
    example (1.0.2) This Gem is used to test basic gem interactions - it was generated with jeweler
  10. 1,063 downloads
    example123qwe (1.0) This is my first gem
  11. 649 downloads
    example_gem (0.0.1-dalvik10) An example of a Ruboto-specific RubyGem
  12. 10,161 downloads
    example_group_timer (0.0.4) RSpec formatter to measure run times of individual example groups
  13. 2,317 downloads
    exams (0.0.18) This library is called exams. If other people would like to use it, I am open for sugge...
  14. 1,562 downloads
    exc1_sum_squares (0.0.2) Just an example gem
  15. 2,024 downloads
    excavator (0.0.2) Excavator is a scripting framework for writing multi-command executables for the unix environment.
  16. 15,936 downloads
    excel2csv (0.3.4) gem for converting Excel files to csv
  17. 369 downloads
    excel2json (0.0.1) A quick and dirty solution to convert your excel to json
  18. 3,003 downloads
    excel_builder (0.0.3) connector and jruby sinatra app to generate excel spreadsheets
  19. 202 downloads
    excel_checker (0.0.1) Checks for valid content type of excel files.
  20. 2,607 downloads
    excel-data (0.1.5) utility methods for creating excel query files (iqy) and parsing excel date input
  21. 996 downloads
    excelerate (0.0.1) An extension to ParseExcel with an updated, simple-to-use API
  22. 593 downloads
    excel_functions (0.0.4) Reverse engineered versions of some Excel functions
  23. 972 downloads
    excel-import ( excel import study example
  24. 2,102 downloads
    excelinator (1.2.0) convert your csv data and html tables to excel data
  25. 1,349 downloads
    excelizer (0.1.0) An Excel helper for Rails project. It integrates with ActiveRecord models and other space magic.
  26. 8,411 downloads
    excellent (2.1.0) Excellent finds the nasty lines in your code. It implements a comprehensive set of checks for pos...
  27. 932 downloads
    excel_parser (0.0.2) This is a very small helper gem that uses roo to convert excel files to a ruby array of arrays
  28. 15,669 downloads
    excel_rails (0.3.1) Allows you to program spreadsheets using .rxls views
  29. 7,303 downloads
    excel-rb-appscript (0.0.8) simplified rb-appscript for excel
  30. 26,943 downloads
    excelsior (0.1.0) A Ruby gem that uses C bindings to read CSV files superfast. I'm totally serial!