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  1. 2,914 downloads
    extract_files (0.0.3) Tired of generating big builds for the cdn? Just want to know wich files your designers in their ...
  2. 834 downloads
    extractify (0.0.1) extract grouped data from XML or HTML
  3. 1,900 downloads
    extractor (0.1) A binding for libextractor; allows you to read metadata from a number of file types.
  4. 1,019 downloads
    extractors (0.1.0) Extract user accounts from different urls: tumblr, facebook and others.
  5. 959 downloads
    extract-sass-vars (1.0.0.alpha.0) Extracts global variables from a Sass file into a json object.
  6. 1,488 downloads
    extractsbmtags (0.1.0) ExtractSbmTags is RSS::RDF::Item class adds on. This method is return array of tags using social ...
  7. 15,939 downloads
    extractula (0.0.11) Extracts content like title, summary, and images from web pages like Dracula extracts blood: with...
  8. 383 downloads
    extra_doilies (0.0.1) Extra columns for use with the gem table_cloth.
  9. 8,113 downloads
    extraextra (1.0.0) Need to add a news feed to your application? EXTRA! EXTRA! is just the Gem for you! This is a com...
  10. 526 downloads
    extra_lib (0.1.1) extra library for ruby from francis jiang
  11. 7,687 downloads
    extraloop (0.0.8) A Ruby library for extracting data from websites and web based APIs. Supports most common documen...
  12. 10,382 downloads
    extraloop-redis-storage (0.0.12) Redis-based Persistence layer for the ExtraLoop data extraction toolkit. Includes a convinent com...
  13. 1,299 downloads
    extrarange (1.0.1) The SparseRange class lets you easily collect many ranges into one.You can perform logic operatio...
  14. 1,476 downloads
    extra_sanitize (0.1.0) Extra sanitize your database columns
  15. 6,474 downloads
    extra_validators (1.2) A collection of misc usefull validators for ActiveModel
  16. 257 downloads
    extremal_opt_tsp (0.0.1) extremal optimization to solve travelling salesman
  17. 1,930 downloads
    extreme_aas (0.0.2) This gem allows you to specify permissions at controller action or helper methods levels.
  18. 1,000 downloads
    extreme_feedback_device (0.0.3) Fetches Jobs from a Jenkins CI via the REST JSON API and sets LEDs of an Extreme Feedback Device ...
  19. 2,444 downloads
    extreme_timeout (0.3.1) Timeout from the outside of the GVL
  20. 1,139 downloads
    extremist_cache (0.0.3) Object-keyed caches for anything
  21. 1,048 downloads
    extruder (0.0.1) A simple and powerful file pipeline.
  22. 1,547 downloads
    extruding-hash (0.9.1) Data structure, based on a Hash of Arrays, that provides a method or two to gather data together ...
  23. 138 downloads
    ex_twitter (0.0.1) A wrapper to the Twitter gem.
  24. 3,471 downloads
    ex_ua (0.1.2) Ruby API for
  25. 6,443 downloads
    exvo_auth (0.16.5) Collection of users and applications authentication methods for use when you want your users or a...
  26. 92,059 downloads
    exvo-auth (0.14.1) Sign in with Exvo account
  27. 17,811 downloads
    exvo_globalize (0.6.0) It exposes `/globalize/translations.json` with JSON of all translations in the app
  28. 20,837 downloads
    exvo_helpers (0.6.5) Ruby gem providing various helper methods, like auth_host, auth_uri, cdn_host, etc.
  29. 992 downloads
    exvo-metrics (0.0.2) Metrics wrapper for Exvo apps.
  30. 23,636 downloads
    exvo_notifications (0.3.3) Maintain Exvo Notifications in external apps