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  1. 1,860 downloads
    f (0.0.1) Common file utility methods including nicer filename display and querying specific lines in a file.
  2. 2,093 downloads
    f00px (0.4.1) 500px api rubygem
  3. 6,478 downloads
    f1api (0.10.0) Consumes the Fellowship One API in your apps using ActiveResource. Implements 2nd party credenti...
  4. 1,176 downloads
    f1results (0.1.1) Get F1 results from
  5. 2,253 downloads
    f1sherman-domainatrix (0.0.11) A cruel mistress that uses the public suffix domain list to dominate URLs by canonicalizing, find...
  6. 344 downloads
    f1sherman-will_paginate (3.0.pre3) The will_paginate library provides a simple, yet powerful and extensible API for pagination and r...
  7. 1,178 downloads
    f2b (0.1.0) Integração com o serviço da F2b para envio e agendamento de cobranças.
  8. 1,355 downloads
    f2bread (0.1.1) A simple gem that reads 'fail2ban.log' and displays statistics
  9. 7,528 downloads
    faa (0.0.5) A wrapper for the FAA Data Sources
  10. 3,662 downloads
    faalis (0.24.4) Faalis is a ruby on rails engine which provides a very basic web application to use with other ru...
  11. 468 downloads
    faalis_contacts (0.3.0) Contacts plugin for Faalis. Provide very complete contacts application.
  12. 379 downloads
    faas (0.0.0) Simplified integration with cloud services
  13. 1,484 downloads
    faasm (2.1.1) Fixed AASM is a continuation of the acts as state machine rails plugin, built for plain Ruby obje...
  14. 264 downloads
    faast (1.0.0) A ruby library for the Faast push notification service
  15. 1,666 downloads
    fabes (0.0.2) Fabes is an A/B testing system for your ruby projects
  16. 321 downloads
    fable (0.0.4) Write and compile books with ease.
  17. 18,998 downloads
    fabric (0.4.4) Fabric is a small ruby app to perform tasks on servers via SSH. Built around net/ssh and taking h...
  18. 519,354 downloads
    fabrication (2.11.1) Fabrication is an object generation framework for ActiveRecord, Mongoid, DataMapper, Sequel, or a...
  19. 5,145 downloads
    fabrication-rails (0.0.1) Fabrication gem meets Rails generators
  20. 6,543 downloads
    fabricator (0.0.5) This gem can generate a scaffold flex application based on PureMVC Multicore using the pipes util...
  21. 999 downloads
    fabricjs-rails (2.0.0) Allows text,cufon,gestures,easing,parser,freedrawing,interaction,serialization,image_filters,gra...
  22. 10,514 downloads
    fabric-rails (1.2.1) This gem provides fabric.js for your Rails 3 application via the asset pipeline.
  23. 92 downloads
    fabrika (0.0.1.pre) Mini-Framework for creating step-based processes for Rails
  24. 1,019 downloads
    fabriq (0.1.0) A daemon that allows you to run Skype bots and give them power through plugins.
  25. 1,965 downloads
    fabstring (0.1.3) Crazy awesome font for your strings.
  26. 21,257 downloads
    fabulator (0.0.16) The fabulator library provides a state machine implementation of a core set of semantics for buil...
  27. 9,497 downloads
    fabulator-exhibit (0.0.7) Provides language extensions to manage Exhibit-style NoSQL databases.
  28. 6,749 downloads
    fabulator-grammar (0.0.6) The grammar Fabulator extension provides regular expression support.
  29. 6,887 downloads
    fabulator-xml (0.0.5) XML functions and types for the Fabulator engine.
  30. 11,348 downloads
    facade (1.0.5) The facade library allows you to mixin singleton methods from classes or modules as insta...