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  1. 6,788 downloads
    google_book (0.3.18) Google Book/Magazine API integration for fetching the information for google books and magazines ...
  2. 8,721 downloads
    google-book (0.4.0) Google Book is a Ruby wrapper to the Google Book Search Data API.
  3. 9,421 downloads
    googlebooks (0.0.8) GoogleBooks is a lightweight Ruby wrapper that queries the Google API to search for publications ...
  4. 3,836 downloads
    google_books (0.2.2) A Ruby wrapper that allows you to query the Google Books API. This project was inspired by google...
  5. 1,733 downloads
    google-browse (0.2.0) This is a very simple text browser which aids in searching and navigating on Shows re...
  6. 1,192 downloads
    google_business_api_url_signer (0.0.1) Signs URLs used to call Google's business APIs
  7. 2,537 downloads
    google-buttons-sass (0.1.2) Tim O'Donnell's CSS3 Google Buttons coverted to SASS including images and javascript. This gem is...
  8. 12,154 downloads
    googlecalendar (1.1.0) description of gem
  9. 22,515 downloads
    google_calendar (0.3.1) A minimal wrapper around the google calendar API, which uses nokogiri for fast parsing.
  10. 7,186 downloads
    google_calendar_api_v2 (0.1.3) Work with Google Calendar using GData 2.0 + OAuth 1.0
  11. 2,685 downloads
    google_calendar_oauth2 (0.0.4) Work with Google Calendar using GData 3.0 + OAuth 2.0
  12. 385,993 downloads
    googlecharts (1.6.8) Generate charts using Google API & Ruby
  13. 10,485 downloads
    google_charts (1.2.0) GoogleCharts is a Ruby wrapper to the Google Chart API
  14. 4,203 downloads
    google_chart_ssl (0.0.4) Including Google Charts in your SSL-protected site causes warnings about 'Mixed Content' (particu...
  15. 3,895 downloads
    google_chat (0.0.3) gem that makes it easy to send IM using google chat
  16. 5,545 downloads
    google_checkout (0.1.3) An interface to the Google Checkout API.
  17. 3,025 downloads
    google-checkout (0.5.1) Experimental library for working with GoogleCheckout. Currently in use for payment at http://peep...
  18. 3,495 downloads
    google-chrome-client (0.2) Ruby client of Google Chrome Developer Tools Protocol
  19. 1,307 downloads
    google-civic (0.0.2) A Ruby wrapper for the Google Civic API
  20. 2,991 downloads
    google_client (0.2.1) This gem is a wrapper on top of the Google API that allows a developer to handle calendars, event...
  21. 28,653 downloads
    google_client_login (0.3.1) Use this gem for access to Google services protected by a user's Google or Google Apps account.
  22. 6,419 downloads
    google-client_login (1.1.4) A simple library for authenticating against the Google ClientLogin API
  23. 2,095 downloads
    googlecloud (0.0.7) My Google Cloud gem ('googlecloud') with various utilities. It deploys gcutil, gsutil, an...
  24. 956 downloads
    googlecodejam (0.1) Google Code Jam - Runner Utility for Ruby
  25. 4,795 downloads
    google-code-prettify-rails (1.1.0) This gem provides a Javascript module and CSS file that allows syntax highlighting of source code...
  26. 13,621 downloads
    googlecontacts (0.2.0) Google Contacts API implementation
  27. 1,378 downloads
    google-contacts (0.0.1) Helps manage both the importing and exporting of Google Contacts (v3) data
  28. 13,023 downloads
    google_contacts_api (0.3.3) Lets you read from the Google Contacts API. Posting to come later. Tests to come later.
  29. 1,066 downloads
    google-content-api (0.1.5) Gem for interacting with Google's Content API.
  30. 840 downloads
    google-copy-link (0.0.1) A ruby gem to give you the power of Google Search in your command line and copy links to your cli...